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Aug, 1941
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Apr, 1942
Operating Room Goes to Battle in Tank-Towed Armored Trailer
TOWED into battle by a war tank, an armored operating room for front-line casualties has been designed by C. J. Birtcher, a Los Angeles, Calif., manufacturer of surgical instruments. Emplacements cut in a hillside by bulldozers would hide such trailers from enemy view.
"Nerve Center" Guards New York
ARMY AIR CORPS SETS UP ELABORATE DEFENSE SYSTEM AMERICA'S most elaborate air-defense information center has just been completed in New York City. It is the best equipped in the world. Minute-by-minute reports from more than 6,000 field observers will enable Air Corps experts, working" at tables that resemble pieces from a giant jig-saw puzzle, to plot the progress of enemy bombers and to direct the swift climb and attack of interceptor planes.
"Teller-Vision" Cage
A Teller-Vision Cage sounds like something a redneck would use to protect his TV from being stolen. Bank Gives Curb Service to Motorists with Novel “Teller-Vision” Cage Called the first of its kind in the country, a curbside teller’s window for motorists has been placed in service by the American National Bank, Portsmouth, Va. Without […]
Rumpus-Room Clock
DESIGNED BY JUAN OLIVER IF THE game room must have a clock—and time is all too likely to pass unnoticed there if none is provided—let it by all means be an amusing one. The smiling gentleman illustrated will tactfully remind you and your guests when it's time to call it a day, and just as cheerfully welcome you back again for hours of fun. He can be kept on the home bar, on one of the shelves behind it, or wherever he will be in plain sight.
Police Identification System "Fingerprints" Faces
FACES are classified like fingerprints, to index hundreds of thousands of portraits, in the criminal files of Los Angeles County, Calif. A ruled glass screen called a "physiogmograph," applied to each photograph, enables experts to determine accurately such information as facial height and width, and the size and shape of nose and mouth. Characteristics also noted include position of the ears, height, weight, general build, and the color of hair, eyes, and complexion. Finally, all these items are ingeniously combined in a number-and-letter code symbol, such as 11/5 NUFCFLCHD, under which the picture is filed.