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Jun, 1968
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Nov, 1968
A keep-going pipe
A keep-going pipe A former Paris taxi driver. Pierre Alidiere, has invented a pipe that won’t go out. When the smoke begins getting thin, you just squeeze a rubber bulb on the bowl bottom. Voila! This fans the embers into life again.
Tattletale computer tells driving faults
Tattletale computer tells driving faults The computer has been adapted to do an important job of youth education—driver training. The new system was engineered by Raytheon for use in the Aetna Drivotrainer [PS, May ’53]. It has three elements—simulated cars, a movie screen, and a console for an instructor, all fitted neatly into a classroom […]
Columbia House 8-Track
Yes, the Columbia House Music Club existed even in the days of 8-tracks. As your introduction, choose ANY 3 8-TRACK CARTRIDGES FOR ONLY $5.95 if you join now, and agree to purchase as few as four additional cartridges during the coming year, from hundreds to be offered