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Mar, 1963
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Jan, 1964
READY TO DO AS YOU COMMAND! INSTANTLY. YOU COMMAND THEY OBEY. EAGERLY. WITHOUT QUESTION OR HESITATION! "Look here"-snap! Instantly her eyes close. She seems to be asleep, but she isn't. She's in a hypnotic trance. A trance you put her into by saying secret words and snapping your fingers. Now she's ready —ready and waiting to do as you command. She'll follow your orders without question, without hesitation. Give her a plain glass of water, tell her it is the finest, most potent Scotch Whiskey-she'll get "drunk".
Must Tomorrow's Man Look Like This?
No electronic plug-ins needed, say these two doctors. Man's own capacity for adaptation, with help from science, can fit him for new ways of life By Toby Freedman. M.D., and Gerald S. Lindner, M.D. THE design of vehicles is one of the oldest and noblest arts of mankind. Look at a model of a prehistoric Polynesian canoe. It's as hydro-dynamically elegant and functionally beautiful as the X-15. The wheel, the ski, the kayak, the sports car—pure geometry in motion. No doubt the engineers of these perfect and symmetrical structures beat their heads against the wall when told they had to squeeze in a passenger. One of the earliest recorded utterances in Samoan is the comment of a legendary canoe builder: 'Til be damned if I make the thwart four inches wider just to fit somebody's big fat----" (the inscription becomes illegible at this point).