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Oct, 1968
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Jun, 1970
Now They're Printing TRANSISTORS ON PAPER!
Flexible circuits printed by machine on paper, aluminum foil, or film may make possible cheap, disposable radios, hi-fi's, and many other electronic devices. By W. STEVENSON BACON Someday soon you may be able to buy a pad of operating electronic circuits just the way you now buy a pad of paper. On its pages will be printed amplifiers, radio receivers, computer circuitry, oscillators—anything you can name. They'll be so inexpensive you'll be able to tear them out, use them, and junk them.
Cops get a dome light
Cops get a dome light Japanese motorcycle cops are being outfitted with these new helmets, which have a flashing light on top. Police can use the light to flag down drivers or to control traffic on heavily traveled city streets.
My favorite part is the line “The combinations are limitless!”, actually there are only seven combinations, unless you count each side burn individually. THE LOOK YOU WANT – WHEN YOU WANT IT! You will be Amazed at the Exciting Change in your Personal Appearance! The Natural Look of these sideburns, mustache, and van dyke actually […]
Speed Mask
Calvin’s mom told him his new retainer made him look very handsome… Speed mask streamlines swimmer This prow-shaped mask with built-in snorkel and compass holder was invented by Calvin Gongwer and used by him in a recent 22-mile swim from Catalina Island to San Pedro Calif. He claims that the “speed mask” cuts drag by […]