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Jul, 1970
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Apr, 1971
If you've waited this long to buy a snowmobile, here's your reward.
Skee-Horse Wide-Trac. The one that finally put it all together. Speed? The two cylinder 437 cc engine turns out 30 big horses. And the new Super-Torque transmission with over-drive makes good use of all 30! You'll get quicker low end response and more effortless speed at the top. Skee-Horse is quick and fast. Style? Just take a look. From the slick hideaway headlight to the contoured seat back, this one has eye appeal. Notice the new padded steering bars. Shaped grips. The rally instrument console.* And the new seat that sits as good as if looks.
Science Newsfront
Last-minute news and notes to keep you up-to-date By ARTHUR FISHER NASA fights auto pollution The big guns of aerospace technology are being enlisted in the battle against the major source of air pollution in this country—automobile exhaust. The mission: to reduce the one-quarter to one-half ton of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons each car spews into the atmosphere in a year, as a result of incomplete fuel combustion. The battle plan: Develop a thermal reactor that would replace the standard exhaust manifold and serve as an afterburner. But such a reactor must withstand temperatures occasionally exceeding 2,000 degrees F, thermal shock from cold starts, and jarring vibrations—all problems routinely encountered in space exploration.
A Electronic backpack won't let you get lost
A Electronic backpack won’t let you get lost It’s called a position locator, and Westinghouse makes it for the Army. The locator automatically computes the distance and direction traveled by a wandering soldier on patrol, who then determines his location by reading map coordinates on a counting meter and comparing them with grid lines on […]
"The Box" - All Wheels Steer and Drive
Look at this ultralight on-and-off-road vehicle that hits new highs in mobility By JIM DAVIS / PS West Coast Editor Racing car? Economy car? Dune buggy? Off-road vehicle? The answer, every time, is yes; the Box is all of these. It began life as a multipurpose car suitable for street, track, and off-road use; but because it has a fully watertight body, it even converts to an amphibian when paddles are fixed to the wheels. The designers, Dan Hanebrink and Matt Van Leeuwen of Costa Mesa, Calif., aimed for aircraft lightness. They also had their own ideas on just about everything in the chassis department.
Our New B-1 Bomber-High, Low, Fast, and Slow
This big swing-wing bird is designed with a unique combination of talents By BEN KOCIVAR PS Consulting Editor, Flying To swing or not to swing, that was the question. In the competition for the new B-1 manned bomber, the answers were the same. All three giant aerospace companies presented swing-wing designs. The winner? North American Rockwell, voted by the Air Force best and cheapest over entries by Boeing and General Dynamics. (The latter two also hedged their bets with fixed-wing designs, which are cheaper.) General Electric will make the engines for the B-1.
How Science Will Foil the SKYJACKERS
To see how new techniques and technology will thwart a potential air pirate, start here By PAUL WAHL ILLUSTRATION BY ROY DOTY Ninety-seven passengers showed up for the flight, but 96 were on the Miami-bound plane when it took off from a New York airport one recent evening. Left at the gate, in the custody of two deputy U.S. marshals, was a gun-toting traveler. They nailed him after the loaded .38 revolver in his shoulder holster triggered a new weapons detector—one of the ingenious countermeasures devised by science to keep in-flight crime from getting off the ground.
Cordless phone
Well, it is cordless. I doesn’t look all that convenient to tote around though. Cordless phone Shown in its recharging tray (immediate right), the Satellite Phone communicates via radio to a transponder (center), which is connected to the phone line. Transmitter and receiver built into a phone (far right) make it cordless. It’s $395 with […]
Your Very Own Meditator
By KEN ISAACS - PS Design Consultant "I vant to be alone." When Greta Garbo made her often-quoted remark, years ago, it may have had a deeper meaning than escape from pursuing newsmen. Everybody occasionally wants to be alone. We all need privacy to renew ourselves for the fast pace of modern living. As old as mankind, this inner need is today more urgent than ever before. Mohandas Gandhi was perhaps this century's outstanding exponent of aloneness—of personal meditation. Gandhi's inspiration came in part from our own Henry David Thoreau, who fled to the natural solitude of Walden Pond. And Thoreau was a real soul brother of our western man of the mountains, naturalist John Muir.
Desk-top calculators
Only $349, what a bargain! Of course that’s roughly $1900 in 2007 dollars so you could buy a pretty nice computer for that price. Who exactly spent that much money on a four function calculator? Desk-top calculators Here’s a handy item to keep at your fingertips. Despite the simplicity of the keyboard, this 12-digit calculator […]