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Jun, 1979
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Feb, 1980
Cordless Wonder
For $89.95 the Mura cordless telephone sounds like a bargain. But wait until you hear about its many disadvantages. It's about time. For years you've seen ads for cordless telephones selling for between three and four hundred dollars.
Digital voice When this phone-answering machine talks to you, the voice you hear—up to 24 seconds of it—has been stored in a digital memory, not on a prerecorded tape. The technique makes the unit simpler, more compact. Maker: DFG, 3550 Marburg, Frauenbergstr. 35, Germany.
By VIDEOBRAIN, with 4K of ROM, IK of RAM. Expandable up to 8K with slide-in cartridges! At last! Your own Home Computer System for money management education, family entertainment... NOW at a sensationally low liquidation closeout price! Hooks up quickly to your TV (B&W or color). Even if you never touched a computer before, you can easily master the VideoBrain and put its amazing capabilities to work for you! Price includes console keyboard, 3 preprogrammed cartridges, 2 joystick controls, RF switch box, AC Power Adapter, instruction manual, 1 year warranty.
Toshiba revs up LVR A new video-cassette recorder with one-third the parts of conventional helical-scan VCR's was demonstrated by Toshiba at Chicago's summer Consumer Electronics Show. The prototype machine (photo) differs in appearance from the deck Toshiba may begin marketing in a year or so— perhaps at half the price of today's more mechanically complex machines.
Is ion deficiency a threat to your life when you drive?
I knew it couldn’t be my fault that I’m a bad driver. It’s those damn ions! Is ion deficiency a threat to your life when you drive? Do you lose your temper or your judgment or even your concentration when driving? If you do, it may be because you’re breathing unbalanced ion-starved air. Think of […]
Own the World's most perfect watch...
The only "PURE-SOLAR" timepiece in existence. Guaranteed to outperform any watch sold today...or costs you nothing! The Sunwatch... never needs batteries... accurate to within 1 second per month...virtually Indestructible, beautifully styled sport/dress watch. An engineering/design breakthrough In space-age timekeeping technology...that now makes all other watches obsolete: ¦ 100% sun-powered, no batteries that need replacing. Clearly visible by day or night. ¦ Unique side-window view, simplifies reading. ¦ Built-in computer calendar - no need to ever re-set the watch (Not even in 31 -day months and leap years!) ¦ Unprecedented accuracy - you program the Sunwatch's computer to stay accurate within 1 -second per month!
Hot-tub dome
Hot-tub dome Hot tubs and whirlpools might use less energy if they were covered with this 14-ft dia. plastic dome. Its 10 side panels and four top panels are formed of 1/8-in.-thick Uvex. Solarium, Inc. (2901 John, Troy, Mich. 48084) makes the free-standing structure.
Portable VCR's
—new lightwights tape off the air or on the go Go-anywhere machines have convenience features that make recording easy By JOHN FREE Miniaturization, the inevitable in consumer electronics, has already caught up with portable video-cassette recorders (VCR's) introduced just last year [PS, Nov. 78]. Lightweight portables from RCA and Akai are some five pounds lighter and about 45 percent smaller than previous models. New color TV cameras with advanced integrated circuitry are about half the weight of last year's models.
With plug-in programs, anybody can use these personal computers
Newest home computers can do special work or use "canned" programs By WILLIAM J. HAWKINS "Have a seat," said Ted Jernigan of Texas Instruments. I was about to get a demo of the newest computer designed for the home. A simple gray box, resembling a portable typewriter, but smaller, sat on the corner of a desk. A single cable connected it to the TV set in front of me. Electronic music was coming from the TV speaker, and on the screen a color cartoon, also created by the computer, showed an animated hand pressing the space bar of a simulated typewriter console.
Over-the-phone computer data bank
Telecomputing Corp. of America is now offering a computer information service called The Source. Actually a large computer located in Virginia that contains some 2000 programs, The Source includes a tie-in with the UPI and New York Times news and data banks. Type in your question and you get answers on everything from the latest news and stock-market reports to methods of conserving energy.
It's 10° outside ... Even getting colder. So you bundle up in layers and layers of heavy clothes. First with long underwear ... then bulky, restrictive thermalwear on top. Oh, you were warm, all right. Like in a Turkish bath. Because you began to perspire from all your activity. And perspiring in that mountain of clothes is like perspiring in a plastic bag! The perspiration is locked in.