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Mar, 1954
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Jan, 1956
Water Rocket
Jet-Propelled Rocket. For flights several hundred feet straight up. fill the eight-inch plastic rocket one-third full of water, pump in air (inset) and press a trigger. In flight, water ejected by compressed air makes a visible jet stream.
Phantom Guides Elevator Riders
Phantom Guides Elevator Riders A LOUDSPEAKER in a Westinghouse self-service elevator reminds passengers to release doors, press floor buttons and step to the rear. A magnetic tape does the job, even calling off merchandise on each floor in department stores. Phantom voice is an attempt to humanize automatic elevators.
Motorized Rocking Chair
I love the fact that it has a gear shift. Automatic Drive Catches Up with Rockin’ Chair Feller retired t’other day and got himself a new kind of rockin’ chair. Rocks itself. Rocks him, too. Semms like when this feller, a machinist type, quit to take it easy, some other fellers he’d worked with said, […]
Next Month... How to Choose a Geiger Counter
Next Month… How to Choose a Geiger Counter THINKING of buying a Geiger counter for uranium hunting? Which of the dozens that are on the market, with all kinds of gadgets and price tags, will serve you best? In the January issue of POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, an article on how to choose a Geiger counter […]
This is amazing, it is basically an ad teaching people how to be proper consumers. I’ve seen generic ads for the milk industry as well as steel, plastic, paper, etc, but the idea of branding and promoting the idea of name brands takes a special kind of dollar fueled dementia. Incedentially there was an organization […]
Walkie-Talkie Carhops Speed Service
The young lady in the photo (left) uses the lightweight walkie-talkie to call orders into the kitchen at Schilling’s Drive-in Restaurant near Covington, Ky. The woman in the car thus gets her food faster. It’s part of an electronic setup developed by Frank Lindley of Cincinnati. An operator at a reciever takes down orders fromt […]