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"When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer."
“When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.” “Go to the store. Go directly to the store. Do not pass go. We are out of Schlitz.” Try the taste of the most carefully brewed beer in the world. The beer that takes 1,174 careful brewing steps. Schlitz. Real gusto in the great light beer. […]
LASER PISTOL, How To Build..................$1.00 LASER RIFLE. ELECTRONIC LASER, LASER COMMUNICATION, HELIUM-NEON LASER, $4.95 ea. Directions, Instructions. Parts Lists. Manufacturer's Addresses, LASER PROJECT CATALOGUE....25c.
Got acrophobia? Move into this apartment building
Acrophobia is a dread of height. The designers of this 28-story apartment building in Grenoble, France, say the repetitious pattern of the balconies on its face is just dandy for people who suffer from that ailment because it suggests solidarity. Each box balcony is 13 feet tall, 10 wide, and five deep.
Fabulous Floating Control Center Will Guide us to the Moon
Huge antennas, eyes and ears for our moon shot, mark Redstone — a $45-million engineering miracle By W. STEVENSON BACON One fateful day within the next two years, crew members of the USNS Redstone, a smallish converted World War II tanker, will find themselves with a momentous mission. Cruising in the South Pacific off American Samoa, they will be responsible for the safety of our first astronauts to fly to the moon. Second by second, they will check out the condition of the Saturn S-IV B stage that will carry the Apollo out of its parking orbit and into a translunar trajectory.
New Breed of Batteries Pack More Power
After 25 years of quiet, unspectacular progress, battery research is taking a great leap forward. A whole host of new types offer capacities 10 times those of the familiar lead-acid and dry cells By W. STEVENSON BACON Cascading from laboratories across the country are new batteries that can run your flashlights, radios, and appliances 10 times as long as ordinary cells—and snap back for more. There are batteries you can charge and discharge thousands of times, batteries that make electricity from air. And there is a new pint-size storage battery that will power what may be the first practical electric car. • The attractive little three-passenger electric above, the Amitron just announced by American Motors, uses brand- new lithium-nickel storage cells developed by Gulton Industries. They've got tenfold the capacity of lead-acid cells, but will cost only 50 percent more.
The special Presidential convertibles get an updating
One would think that after Kennedy was killed they would rethink the whole idea of a “Presidential Convertible” The special Presidential convertibles get an updating For 10 successive years United States Presidents have used the same two convertible limousines in official functions and parades. Now, at long last, Lyndon Johnson has a brace of spanking-new […]
Tots protected by plastic cocoon
Tots protected by plastic cocoon For $19.95 you now can buy an item called a Tot-Guard to protect your moppets from injury in case your car has a collision. Developed by Ford Motor, it consists of a hollow-molded shield and three-inch-high cushion of polyethylene. A removable foam pad fits inside the shield to take impacts. […]
Start and warm up your car by remote control
Start and warm up your car by remote control This little radio unit sends signals to your car, and lets you start it in your driveway or in a parking lot up to 500 feet away. It also enables you to operate heater and air-conditioner controls. The unit, named Ramostar, can be set to shut […]
TOP GUITARIST ED SALE'S famous 66 page secret system worth $3.00 teaches you to play a beautiful song the first day and any song by ear or note in seven days. Contains 52 photos, 87 finger placing charts, etc. plus 110 popular and western songs, (words and music); a $1.00 Chord Finder of all the chords used in popular music; and a $3.00 Guitarist Book of Knowledge. TOTAL VALUE $7.00 —ALL FOR ONLY $2.98
DON’T QUIT SMOKING before giving my pipe a 30 Day Trial New principle that contradicts every idea you’ ve ever had about pipe smoking. I guarantee it to smoke cool and mild hour after hour, day after day, without rest, without bite, bitterness or sludge. To prove it, I’ll let you try a new Carey […]