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Jan, 1941
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Apr, 1941
Living Shadow Dances on Giant Electric Sign
: Living Shadow Dances on Giant Electric Sign PIROUETTING in front of a bank of photo-electric cells, Dixie Dunbar, New York dancer, recently cast a living silhouette on the world’s largest animated electric sign above the Great White Way. Her shadow, thrown on the electric eyes, blacked out lights in corresponding areas of the sign. […]
Of course this is also the perfect tray/table for cutting and snorting coke. In fact, doesn’t that girl on the right look like she’s holding a credit card? No wonder they’re all smiley. TRIPLE-PURPOSE MIRROR can be used as a wall mirror, below; coffee-table top, at right; or as a serving tray. The hand-holds are […]
"Glamour Bonnet" Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion
Wow, that sure is glamorous. Actually, I’m not quite sure how that works. The mask doesn’t look like it’s rigid, so shouldn’t it just shrink-wrap her head? “Glamour Bonnet” Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion Some persons believe a mud pack is the answer to the search for a beautiful complexion, others think massage will do […]