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May, 1945
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Apr, 1946
Handicraft Contest SPURRED by Red Cross
ENTRIES pouring in for the Popular Science Servicemen's Handicraft Contest from all over the world now indicate that the judges are going to have a hard job to pick the prize winners. The excellence of the craftwork is partly the result of the encouragement and instruction that servicemen have received from the Red Cross, which is now conducting its 1946 National Fund Campaign.
There's No Place Like Home
WITH some real ingenuity and a carpenter father, Thelma Burnette, of Santa Monica, Calif., licked the housing problem—and made money on it to boot. She bought an obsolete double-decker bus for $50. Her father, Carl M. Burnette, took the body off the chassis and set it on a concrete foundation, tore off the hood and one side, built a bedroom, dressing room, and bath adjoining the open side, and put a fireplace and chimney where the hood had been. Then the energetic Miss Burnette sold the leather-upholstered lower-deck seats and the wooden ones from the upper deck a few at a time. She got back more than her $50.
Lost: A Generation of Scientists
By LEON SHLOSS Fundamental scientific research is at a standstill in America. That is the harsh fact of a matter that has been hushed and avoided too long. The cause is a literal interpretation of democracy that has yanked 150,000 men out of scientific studies to make a scant two percent of the total armed forces. More than 15,000 of these drafted science students by now would be working toward their doctorates if they were British or Russian. But being Americans they were drafted. Also kidnapped by the armed forces were many brilliant practicing scientists who happened to be young and healthy. And unless Congress has been unusually alert in the few weeks it has taken to print this magazine, our present and future scientists are still being drafted, although trolley cars are running again in the ruins of Nagasaki.
More Doctors Smoke Camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE!
This is no casual claim. It's an actual fact. Based on the statements of doctors themselves to three nationally known independent research organizations. THE question was very simple. One that you . .. any smoker . . . might ask a doctor: "What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?"
Dvorak's One-Handed Keyboard
Simplified Keyboard Research Aids Handicapped Veterans By RICHARD B. LEWIS Lt. Comdr., USNR PEOPLE who have lost the use of one hand can now learn to type with satisfactory speed and efficiency. For this they are indebted initially to Col. Robert S. Allen, prewar columnist-partner of Drew Pearson, who determined not to let the loss of an arm in battle stop him from resuming his career as a newspaperman. But the man to whom they owe the most is Commander August Dvorak, USNR. Discouraged by his failure to master the standard typewriter with one hand, Colonel Allen turned to Commander Dvorak for help. In 10 years of exhaustive research in typing for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Dvorak, then a professor at the University of Washington, and his associates had developed a simplified keyboard for two hands. Tests proved that normal typists could relearn to type on the simplified keyboard in 83 hours—and double speed records they had made on standard typewriters. Commander Dvorak believed a special keyboard might make similar gains possible for one-handed typists.
$1.95 (Gun Only) Box of 5 rolls caps 7 Boxes . . . $1.00 RAPID FIRING! LOOKS LIKE A REAL "45" ACTUALLY SMOKES ON FIRING HAS LOUD EXPLOSIVE REPORT It's a real thriller. Yes! Looks and feels like the Automatic "45's" carried by our Army Officer . . . It's made of strong lightweight aluminum . . . with a plastic "Pearl" handle. It's easy to reload. Any boy would gladly give his entire allowance for one of these.
Gee, what a great toy, no way it could be dangerous, right? WAR SURPLUS! GAS MASKS GREATEST TOY SENSATION IN YEARS. LOADS OF FUN. Real Gas Masks that originally cost $2.50. This great toy value makes you look like a man from Mars, Fine for spraying paint, in-sectictdes, etc. Has big plastic, shatterproof goggles, intake […]
LOG STUMP PICNIC STOVE and TRASH BURNER Looks like tree stump—made of durable reinforced Haydite concrete colored in natural gray or brown—complete with grill, charcoal pan and grate. Beautify your yard—satisfaction guaranteed. Use as trash burner—safe in wind—Will not harm grass, trees, etc. Only $29.45—Freight prepaid east of Rockies. For free descriptive circular write to: […]
Electric Pin Boys Never Go Home
A MAN who wouldn't give up after everyone else had failed has produced what bowlers the world over have wanted ever since the game was invented a machine that will "spot" tenpins on the alley.