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Feb, 1968
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Jun, 1968
Peekaboo bag? No, a survival hood
Peekaboo bag? No, a survival hood It’s too bad that the pretty (take our word for it) girl shown here has to play peekaboo to get her point over. She is demonstrating the use of a plastic “survival hood” for airline passengers. Made by the G. T. Schjeldahl Co., Northfield, Minn., it provides protection against […]
The Truth About Pot

  • Is marijuana addictive?
  • Does it have bad physical and mental effects on the user?
  • Does its use tend to increase crime?
Here are the conflicting opinions of leading experts on this highly controversial subject.

By Robert Gannon

After reviewing Mr. Cannon’s article on marijuana, “The Truth about Pot,” a consultant for the American Medical Association had this to say: “This is an excellent article. The author has done a wonderful job of making some legislative zealots look ridiculous simply by quoting their exaggerated statements and reciting the disconcerting facts.”

The great debate about marijuana ranks closely behind Vietnam and civil rights as one of the top issues of our time. And as the number of pot users grows, so does the controversy in which marijuana is called everything from a menace to a harmless delight.

    What is the truth about this strange drug? Here is an in-depth report on the nation’s pot problem and what science has learned so far about its effect on those who use it.
Lonely Repair Man
TOM McCAHILL SAYS: “The appliance repair field is so uncrowded, it’s almost lonely!”
Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds
Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds with INTERNATIONAL’S MICROWAVE OVEN People on the go will welcome an oven that makes cooking chores a pleasure. Imagine a “piping hot” TV dinner (frozen) in 3 and 1/2 minutes* instead of 20 to 50 minutes. Bake a potato in 5 minutes* instead of 60 minutes. Fry crisp bacon in […]
Early Airbags
Pillow protects you in auto crashes This “Auto-Ceptor” pillow is designed to prevent or lessen injuries in car accidents. Triggered by a crash sensor. it inflates in 1/25 second between the instrument panel and the driver and passenger. A model and dummy child demonstrate it here. It’s a joint product of two companies: Eaton Yale […]