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Feb, 1949
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Aug, 1949
Photo Lab Flies to Front
THIS "flying darkroom" can turn out 20,000 photo prints a day. A complete photographic processor, it is designed to fit inside the detachable fuselage of the Fairchild C-120, latest version of the Flying Boxcar. Developed by the Air Materiel Command, the photo-multiprocessor will make photographic intelligence immediately available in front-line military areas.
HYPNOTIZE ANYONE Yes, anyone. Learn modern speed hypnotism. Secrets revealed. Self-hypnosis. Exciting experiments. Overcome inferiority complexes, smoking, alcoholism, stuttering:, nailbiting, phobias, insomnia, stage fright. Improve your memory. Private & class Instruction available at Institute. Complete homestudy course……………$2 12″ Hypnotism record inducing: Mass-Hypnotism & Self-Hypnosis. $5 POWERS INSTITUTE OF HYPNOTISM, 1324 Wilshire Blvd., Dept. 56, Hollywood […]
Pads Reduce Phone Pressure.
These actually look a lot like modern headphones. Pads Reduce Phone Pressure. This new lightweight headset manufactured by Telex, Inc., Minneapolis, reduces ear fatigue by eliminating pressure on them. The two receivers rest on the sides of the head and sound is piped through plastic earpieces, which are individually adjustable. The set includes a volume […]
O-Gauge Pike Highballs Hot Cargo
This is a really cute hack using model trains to transport radioactive materials throughout a hospital. O-Gauge Pike Highballs Hot Cargo KIDS long ago became resigned to seeing Daddy play with their toy trains most of the time. Now some grown men have taken over a model railroad full time—and they are not just playing. […]
SUPER JU JITSU Now.. get tough double-quick! Step up YOUR fighting: power, learn light-ning-quick American SUPER Ju Jitsu. Develop your body … be dangerous! Big illustrated home-study course, reveals secrets on how to make deadly weapons of just your bare hands. Easy to learn. Get these amazing lessons right away … you owe it to […]
New Phone Rings Loud or Soft
New Phone Rings Loud or Soft THERE’S a new telephone on the way that will let you control the loudness of its ring. And at whatever volume you adjust it to, the ringing tone will be both lower-pitched and more resonant than that of your present phone. For easier dialing, the numbers and letter prefixes […]
LET ME PUT YOU IN A BIG PAY BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN! AT HOME – FULL OR SPARE TIME METALLIZED BABY SHOES IN REAL METAL • BRONZE • GOLD • SILVER • PEARL AND GLASS $5.00 PER HOUR IS EASY Metallized baby shoes offer you the chance of a lifetime to be independent. The chance […]
The Gas That Makes You Laugh
Chemists call it nitrous oxide. You can generate this and other oxides of nitrogen in a home laboratory. By Kenneth M. Swezey AN ACHING tooth is never tunny, but i. the dentist who yanks it out may well first put you to sleep with a few whiffs of nitrous oxide, commonly known as "laughing gas."
Pimp your ride with... Turn Signals
Personally, I think these wacky “turn signals” are just a fad. AUTOMOBILE DRIVERS Flash Your Turns New Model SIMPLEX DIRECTION SIGNAL KIT fits most ears. Gives new safety and comfort when making turns. Eliminates arm signals. Flashing parking and tail lights show other cars which way you’re going to turn. Flashes 60 to 80 times […]
Learn How to HYPNOTIZE!
Learn How to HYPNOTIZE! Develop your personal POWER! NOW… revealed tor you … are the secrets of practical hypnotism … that strange, compelling force by which an expert operator can bring others under his power. He can sway people at will—issue commands and be obeyed—virtually cast a spell over his subjects. This sensational knowledge may […]
Sun Hat Has Built-in Radio
I love the two little vacuum tubes sticking out on top. Sun Hat Has Built-in Radio No, that’s not Buck Rogers. It’s just Victor T. Hoeflich and his Radio Hat. The hat works, too—it keeps the sun off your head while you listen to radio programs. The Radio Hat contains a real radio receiver-two miniature […]