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Jun, 1942
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Sep, 1944
Wire Thrower Lays Army Telephone Line
LAYING a mile of telephone wire in two minutes is a simple three-man job with the Army's new wire-throwing device. This 600-pound machine, usually mounted on a 21/2-ton truck, literally squirts wire along a roadside at the rate of 30 to 35 miles per hour. By adjusting the angle of a special ejector, the line can be thrown as high as 40 feet in the air in order to clear obstacles.
Ad: Bomber Pilots Smoke Camels
GERMANS OR JAPS, storms or ice... you've got to be ready for anything when you're flying the big bombers across the ocean. You bet you want steady nerves. These two veterans above are Camel smokers. (Names censored by Bomber Ferry Command.) The captain (nearest camera), a Tennessean, says: "I stick to Camels." STEADY SMOKERS STICK TO CAMLES There's LESS NICOTINE in the smoke
Wanted: Future Faradays and Curies
ALL over America there are high school seniors .... boys and girls . . . who have potential scientific ability and budding creative genius of a high order. These talents are latent . . . awaiting the opportunity for further development through higher education. To provide this opportunity, Science Clubs of America, sponsored by Science Service, is now conducting an Annual Science Talent Search . . . made financially possible by Westinghouse. This Talent Search has three objectives:
INDUSTRY’S MASKED MEN HELMETS, gas masks, eye shields, respirators, rubber gloves, tough leather bibs. These are indispensable guardians of the eyes, lungs, and hides of many of America’s industrial war workers today. Without them, injuries would sabotage and cripple production of planes and arms for the United Nations’ fighting forces. Commonest of the devices are […]
Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children
This is actually a really good idea. Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children Getting young children to pose naturally indoors for a portrait is far from easy, as many amateur photographers have discovered. If much work of this type is to be done, it pays to follow the example of successful professionals and […]
WARNING NEVER pour water into concentrated sulphuric acid. They will boil and spatter over the room. This is caused by the acid's great affinity for water. The only safe way is to pour the acid into the water, stirring constantly. Likewise, concentrated sulphuric acid will draw water out of the skin, leaving a dangerous burn.