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Jun, 1964
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Aug, 1964
Future GIs to ride rocket troopship
Future GIs to ride rocket troopship Troop transport in 45 minutes to a brush-fire war anywhere in the world is proposed by Douglas Aircraft space engineers. The 80-by-210-foot re-usable rocket shown at right would speed 17,000 m.p.h., carrying 1,200 troops and equipment. Landing upright, it would debark them by portable ramps, jet packs, and rope […]
Inside IBM's World's Fair 'Egg'
FROM a distance, it looks like the storage tank for the Festival of Gas. But as New York World's Fair visitors draw nearer, they find themselves in a people trap—IBM's wonderfully zany exhibit pavilion, featuring the Information Machine. It's really a theater that sits atop a forest of 45 stylized, 32-foot-high sheet-metal trees. Their cleverly dovetailed branches support 14,000 gray and green Plexiglas leaves, forming a continuous, one-acre canopy. You join a couple of thousand others who are queueing up on a complex of catwalks suspended above a shallow pool. The ramps lead to a 45-degree tilted grandstand, holding 500 spectators. Eventually, you take your place on what IBM calls the "people wall." Its 12 tiers of seats are no sooner filled than an M.C. in white tie and tails comes gliding down above you in a "bucket." He promises that in the next 12 minutes you'll learn that computers make use of everyday methods we all use in our daily lives to solve complicated problems.
"Wand" Speeds Checkout
I guess this was an alternative to barcodes, though it doesn’t seem too practical. I’d think that the labels would get lost, and would be easy to spoof. Plus you only get to scan it once. “Wand” speeds checkout. To move supermarket lines faster, this recent IBM patent would use a flexible tube and a […]
Hair Helmet - Literally
Newest fashion for women cyclists Both of these cyclists are wearing crash helmets – the lady’s a nylon-hair wig on a heavy plaster-composition base. Made by a London hairdresser in a variety of colors and hairdos, the wigs are the rage with women riders. Skintight, they are water-proof and can be worn on any occasion
Giant Videophone
Low-cost viewer lets you see who’s calling This phone-viewing system gives you a picture of any caller similarly equipped. It can be used on ordinary telephone lines. Push a button and within five seconds the picture appears. Developed by Toshiba Co., Japan, price is estimated at $250 although it’s not yet ready for sale.