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Jun, 1952
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Nov, 1953
TV Moves in on 3-D — Camera Sends Two Pix, Eye Sees One
TV Moves in on 3-D — Camera Sends Two Pix, Eye Sees One TV has invaded 3-D. On test programs, ABC has alternately telecast scenes as they would be seen with the left and the right eye. A rotating disk—half clear plastic, half mirrored—is set up before the camera (above left). A direct shot is […]
Shoes Put Bounce in Your Step
Shoes Put Bounce in Your Step Step out in these shoes, and you get a smoother walk and a helpful push ahead. Soled with wavy gum rubber, sports and walking shoes spring up and ahead when stepped on. There are special models for wounded vets.
Crib Clips to Baggage Rack
Crib Clips to Baggage Rack Baby gets an upper berth all to himself in this new rig under test by British Overseas Airways. Made of metal and plastic cloth, the crib has a side flap that clips up to hold baby safely in.
New Kitchen Built to Fit Your Wife
Tall, short or medium-sized, she's bound to save energy in this kitchen. By Gardner Soule BUILD the cabinets to fit the woman. Build the shelves to fit the supplies. Build the kitchen to fit the family. Starting with these three principles, Cornell University has re-engineered the most-used room in the house.
"My eyes are my trademark!"
When you see Eddie Cantor's famous banjo eyes, you look for comedy, humor, a touch of pathos—a real virtuoso performance. And when you see a familiar brand name as you shop, you expect an equally outstanding performance — or you don't buy the product again. That's one big advantage about living in a land where you enjoy free choice among many fine products, each identified by its own brand name.
Fill'er Up with Cold Air!
“Fill’er Up with Cold Air!” Texas gas stations are delighting motorists with a new kind of free air. When a car stops for gas, a nozzle fixed to an air conditioner is poked in the window. Station attendants say temperature inside the car drops as much as 20 degrees in two minutes.
Makes Coffee as You Drive
Makes Coffee as You Drive The young lady is enjoying a cup of coffee made by a German gadget that clamps onto the dash and plugs into the car’s electric system. Hot water filters through powdered coffee into a cup. Cimo Sievers, NYC, distributes Paluxette.
Early Porsche
Looks like it would be a lot of fun to try getting into that. New German Sports Car Called 125-Mile-an-Hour Speedster A recent entry in the sports-car field is this Porsche racer from Germany—a more powerful and faster machine than the model previously offered by the same maker. Power has been boosted from 70 to […]
Giant Cleaner Sucks Out Bus
I wish I could clean my house this way… Giant Cleaner Sucks Out Bus A Chicago company cleans out 110 buses every 24 hours with a king-size vacuum cleaner that attaches to the front door’ and inhales all the debris in each vehicle. Two 28-inch vacuum fans “create air pressure behind a huge bellows that […]
Japanese Drive Dummy Tanks
Japanese Drive Dummy Tanks Fledgling tank drivers in Japan’s security police force learn the ropes in the weird contraption above. Instruments, brake levers and periscope are copies of those in a U. S. Army M-24 tank.