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Jun, 1956
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Dec, 1957
New Electrical Wonders Work Living Room Magic
How do they work? Take a look inside the wireless TV control, switchless lamp, cordless clock. By Martin Mann AMAZE your friends! Just look at the TV and make it change channels or silence the commercial—while your hands are in your pockets. Make a lamp light when you wave your hand and mutter abracadabra. Lift the electric clock, its second hand sweeping merrily —but look, no wires! Magic? Yes, sir. But not the kind you laboriously rig up yourself. These are new commercial marvels, available in stores around the country.
Things You Never Knew About Your Fountain Pen
A leaky 1884 pen let loose the flood tide of American ingenuity that has kept the world writing. By Richard Match FROM Murmansk to Timbuktu the American fountain pen, streamlined, durable and leakproof, is a symbol of U.S. technological excellence. After World War II our trim Parkers, Sheaffers, Watermans, Eversharps brought $400 each on the black market overseas. Today Japanese and Italian street vendors hawk shoddy counterfeits; the Russians turn out imitation Parker 51's which cost more than the real thing. But American manufacturers make 75 percent of the world's output—some 200 million pens a year.
Automation Edges out Tunesters, Writes Songs Wholesale
Automation Edges out Tunesters, Writes Songs Wholesale The pianist above is playing a tune as it is composed by the electronic brain he gazes at wistfully. The complicated Burroughs machine can turn out 1,000 tunes an hour – all mathematically calculated to be popular. It picks off a series of coded numbers, matches them with […]
Proto - G.P.S
Skyful of Moons: To aid navigation by ships and planes, a Chrysler Corporation missile engineer, L. Lawrence Jr., has worked out a plan to launch three satellites – Astro 1, 2, 3 – to circle the earth at 600-mile altitude in 105 minutes, in polar orbits crossing the equator at spaced intervals around the world. […]
I just hate wasting plutonium
This is just crazy, they are talking about leaking plutonium; one of the most toxic and poisonous substances on earth, and the only thing they are worried about is how damn expensive that stuff is. I hope everyone in Hanford WA, is wearing one of those dashing suits. Atomic Suit Inflated with Conditioned Air The […]