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Mar, 1950
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Meet A Metal Master
The nation's top stores sell the copper and brass products of a bearded Oregonian whose salesmen won't let him shave. R. HARLOW SCHILLIOS Louis Frank Bonson of Eugene, Oregon, is a kindly man who loves his work, takes a lot of pains with it, and does not care whether he makes a great deal of money. Despite this, he can scarcely keep up with the orders that are flooding him from America's most distinctive gift shops.
Keeping up with HOBBY PRODUCTS
In communicating with companies whose products are described in this department, please mention PROFITABLE HOBBIES. Christmas Plaques. Third dimension Christmas greeting plaques made of art plaster are the latest innovation of the Leister Game Co., Toledo, Ohio. The recent figurine painting fad prompted this firm to introduce this new and unusual type greeting plaque.
Hobby Parade
Profitable Hobbies will pay $2 for each article accepted for Hobby Parade. Send material to Hobby Parade Editor, Profitable Hobbies, 24th and Burlington, Kansas City 16, Missouri. No contributions to this department can be returned.
Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too
LUCY CUNNINGHAM Photographs by Jacoby's Photo Service and I. Cunningham "Whether you have one doll or a hundred, whether you buy for yourself or for others, no matter how you do it— doll collecting is fun," says Lucy Cunningham.
Her Cookie Time Is Christmas Time
When her fellow townsmen found out about a Milwaukee woman's Christmas cookies, they swamped her with orders, with no consideration for price. DORIS ANN KRUPINSKI Photographs by Doris Ann and Joseph J. Krupinski Mrs. Earl Jacobson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has proved that Christmas cookie baking is not only easy and lots of fun, but profitable too. To those of us who may spend an entire day struggling with one fancy cookie recipe, Mrs. Jacobson's record of 325 dozen cookies in three days seems unbelievable.
Imagination, not expensive materials, produces the most attractive gift packages, says a California woman noted for her original wrappings and lectures on the subject. HELEN ELLSBERG Photographs by Alex Vierheller and Aaron Rubino THE SUCCESS of Mrs. William J. Roth's hobby of gift wrapping sometimes causes her to live her seasons in advance.