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Dec, 1950
Jewelry from the Scrap Pile
Relying strongly on a fusion type alloy, a Cleveland man turns discarded pieces of metal into fast selling jewelry that is both durable and beautiful. WILLIAM R. MURPHY Photographs by Paul Considine Don Dilley likes to amuse his friends when they drop in at his home in Shaker Heights, Ohio, by taking them back to his one-man factory in the kitchen, and making them a piece of costume jewelry in three minutes flat.
Two Louisiana women discover that they can increase the monetary value of a sheep pelt nine times by turning it into a fluffy, white rug. WALLY SCHULZ Living near De Ridder, Louisiana, are two hobbyists who don't count sheep (when they retire for the evening) but do count sheep pelts. They are Mrs. Virginia Dittmeyer and Mrs. Dot Graber, who live in the sheep-raising territory of their home state.
Profitable Hobbies will pay $2 for each article accepted for Hobby Parade. Send material to Hobby Parade Editor, Profitable Hobbies, 24th and Burlington, Kansas City 16, Missouri. No contributions to this department can be returned.
He Found Comfort in Copper
Photographs by Erika from European JOHN S. KREUTZER of Brooklyn, New York, has found an exciting and creative hobby to fill the lonely hours of his now solitary life. The 70-year-old naturalized American, who came to the United States in 1905 from a part of Hungary, which is now Czechoslovakia, has worked as a tool and die maker for the greater part of his life.