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May, 1967
How to make a scene
Notice the teeny tiny text on the bottom of the page: “The Videocorder is not to be used to record copyrighted materials.”. Even in 1967 Sony was worried about getting sued for people pointing their video camera at the TV. How to make a scene (that everybody will love you for) It’s as simple as […]
Newest type of helical-scan video tape machine has been colorized By JOE ROIZEN* RECORDING COLOR TELEVISION SIGNALS on magnetic tape has been practical since 1958 when the first compatible color broadcast recorders went into service. These transverse studio machines use four heads which rotate at right angles to tape travel (see Fig. 1). The machines also contain very complex circuitry and time-base correction devices. The circuits are necessary to achieve studio-quality NTSC playbacks that meet FCC specifications for on-the-air transmission; such VTR's (video tape recorders) range in price from $40,000 to $100,000.