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Jun, 1942
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Oct, 1950
Prepared by the Armstrong Cork Company, makers of Industrial Insulations, in cooperation with the National Association of Building Owners and Managers Below ground, a modern office building is a beehive of activity. There you'll find electrical, plumbing, and carpenter shops, employees' locker rooms, control centers, and even a garage. Down deep in the basement, too, are the boilers and compressors that supply heat and refrigeration for the entire building.
An Extra Quart of milk in Pure-Pak... please
. . . EXTRA quarts are easier to buy in Pure-Pak It's so much easier to carry extra milk when you buy it in Pure-Pak, your personal milk container. There are no deposits and no "dead weight" glass bottles to carry to and from the store. Pure-Pak takes much less refrigerator space too ... and when it's empty, just toss it away!
INDOOR SUNSHINE While you work or play from a FLUORESCENT SUN LAMP Here's a totally new kind of sun lamp . . . different from any ever made! Now—enjoy wide-area radiation. Whole rooms, such as in homes, offices, schools, factories, amusement and recreation areas, can be bathed with cool ultraviolet rays that stimulate health-building Vitamin D. Here, low intensities are used for longer periods. Now—enjoy quick individual sun tanning.
One finger works all this
TWIRL your Bell telephone dial and a maze of apparatus like this goes into action in the central office—puts your call through quickly, surely. Making and installing such complex apparatus— as well as producing telephones, cables and thousands of other kinds of equipment used in your service—is Western Electric's job as manufacturing unit of the Bell System.