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May, 1952
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Nov, 1961
It's easy now girls, to type special characters!
Now Royal brings you an extra key—a 43rd key on your keyboard—a key that you can get with almost any combination of marks, characters or signs you want! You may want your Bonus Key to be an exclamation point—or a division sign and an equal sign. For some businesses, it may be a paragraph mark and a section sign. In fact, it can be almost anything you order!
What kind of homes will your children have twenty years from now? The nation's electric light and power companies are thinking about them — and getting ready for them. Part of the answer can be found in the new electric appliances still in the early stages of development. There will be new ways of heating and cooling homes with the help of electricity. Glareless lighting will come on automatically as darkness falls. There will be electric equipment to kill germs in the air.