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Dec, 1951
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Jan, 1953
DISCRIMINATING PEOPLE PREFER HERBERT TAREYTON Discriminating people prefer Herbert Tareyton. They appreciate the kind of smoking that only fine tobacco and a genuine cork tip can give. The cork tip doesn’t stick to the lips . . . it’s clean and firm. And discriminating people prefer Herbert Tareyton because their modern size not only means […]
Munsingwear serves up comfort two ways
(which is best for you?) 1 . With the Horizontal fly brief PATENTED COMFORT POUCH gives natural support Horizontal fly won't gap Snug fit leg opening Won't sag or stretch
Sparton Cosmic Eye Television
Now, get TV pictures so sharp, bright and clear it's like having an eye in the sky! Exclusive, improved Ultra-Range Tuner® gets more of the transmitted signal, feeds more into the powerful Cosmic Eye chassis. Cosmic Eye Picture-Lock "then holds picture steady as Gibraltar. See Sparton Cosmic Eye Television® today!
She Doesn't Care!
1. Water will leave almost no wrinkles in her dress, thanks to a new fabric woven of resin-treated cotton fibers that tend to return to their original shape after dousing or crushing. This amazing cloth stays clean longer and wears better. 2. Create this fabric, scientists add to a natural product—cotton—a synthetic that becomes an integral part of the fiber itself. In just this same way, Conoco scientists developed Conoco Super Motor Oil, by adding to a natural product —oil—additives that keep your engine clean, protect it from wear, fight acid, sludge, and rust.