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Jan, 1950
The thing to think about is—what cigarette you smoke . . . and inhale. Look at the difference below. It was found and reported by eminent doctors who compared the leading favorite cigarettes:
Judy and the Judge
THE JUDGE is a man of firm words and fixed opinions. And there's grim decision in his voice as he lays down the law to his daughter. "Young lady," he says, "when you're faced with a little trouble like mine, there's only one course to follow. Take a good stiff, old-fashioned purge!" BUT JUDY is not the Judge's daughter for nothing. "Judge," she says, "you are guilty of horse-and-buggy habits. Did it ever cross your legal mind to find and correct the cause of your trouble? Well, that's a little matter we'll 'tend to right now! Come with me."
Give your Hair that "Cared-For" look
Give your Hair that “Cared-For” look Ace Combs
We Could Learn FROM A NAZI SLAVE - We Motorists!
They can give us some worth-while pointers ... those Greeks and Danes and Frenchmen ... Serbs and Czechs and Poles ... who once were proud, free men like ourselves. They never had cars —most of them —even before the Horror came. They don't know about brakes or batteries or tires. But they do know things we haven't yet learned. They do know about tanks . . . that turned peaceful village streets into nightmares of blood and fear and death. They know about dive bombers ... that filled the night with the light of burning homes and the cries of slaughtered children. They know the cost... in pain and shame and misery... of holding freedom too lightly or defending it too late.