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Aug, 1935
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Feb, 1936
Bottle-Breaking Machine
Bottle-Breaking Machine LEGALITY is the mother of invention here. The federal law demands that empty liquor bottles be broken; so a Superior, Wis., inventor built this machine to do it safely, without spreading glass splinters around. It may have entertainment value, too; as the chime of broken glass sounds melodious in merry ears.
Micro-Wave Radio Robot Reports Weather
FAR above the heights reached by Settle and Piccard, "sounding balloons" rise into the stratosphere, unmanned, but with delicate apparatus to report the atmospheric conditions they encounter.
Balloon "Sounds" for Cosmic Rays
Balloon “Sounds” for Cosmic Rays ANOTHER object of exploring the upper air is to determine the increase of received cosmic-ray radiation. This has been measured in the stratosphere, as well as on mountain peaks and in ocean depths.
New Slant on Bicycles
New Slant on Bicycles EVERY man his own streamline is the idea of Fred Strecker, English rider, in the bicycle design at right.
Streamlined Car Has Cruiser Cabin
Science and Mechanics from the 1930’s are such a pain to deal with that I’ve almost given up on them. This is one of the less obnoxious examples but still, you have to go to another page for 2 sentences. Streamlined Car Has Cruiser Cabin IN the June issue of last year, we presented a […]
Finding Radium Inside a Pig
Finding Radium Inside a Pig RADIUM, used in hospital work inside tiny “needles,” may easily be mislaid; and a thousand dollars’ worth is almost invisible to the eye. Recently a tube disappeared from a hospital at Sioux Falls, S. D., and, though only 3/4″ x 1/16″, represented $3,000 value. A couple of scientists promptly improvised […]
The Flame Tank (Jan, 1936)
By HUGO GERNSBACK LAYMEN still labor under the erroneous conception that war is far more frightful in modern times, and that it kills more of the combatants than formerly. Quite the contrary is true. In ancient war, when hand-to-hand fighting was the order of the day, as, for instance, in the old Roman times, casualties were far and away greater than they are in modern warfare.
Amelia Earhart's Motorized Scooter
Motorized Scooter IN the near future, we are told, no one will walk at all. As a further step-saver, here is Amelia Earhart with her new 15-mile-an-hour vehicle at Burbank, California.