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Aug, 1962
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Feb, 1970
Yes, bears do make the best fishing. FLORIDA CAMPSITES — deep in the heart of the great (440,000 acre) Ocala National Forest. Electricity. Best fishing, hunting. Warranty deed. FREE maps and photos Wynn Vernor. DeLand, Florida
Amazing super pumpers, aerial ladders, and telescoping "Snorkles" are aiding the fight against fire! By Ross R. Olney THE whining scream of a fire engine is one of the most chilling sounds on earth. Who hasn't thrilled to the siren sound, looked up in dread as the engine raced past, and then perhaps started running to where black clouds of smoke billow up into the air, shot through with tongues of scarlet flame?
You may think you know why you like certain women—but you'll be surprised at what psychologists say about your real motives By Norman Carlisle WHY did you marry your wife? If you're not married, why will you marry? Chances are that whichever of these questions fits your marital state, the answers you give will be wrong. Psychologists probing the reasons why people pick the mates they do emerge with the conclusion that men really don't know why, for better or worse, they abandon bachelorhood. Love and sexual attraction—the reasons usually given—are not, to psychologists anyway, reason enough. What are the real subconscious drives that propel one person into the arms of another? Dr. R. F. Winch, of Northwestern University, has worked out the theory that you really marry on the basis of psychological need. "In mate selection," he claims, "each individual seeks within his or her field of eligibles for that person who gives the greatest promise of providing him or her with maximum need gratification."
Drop Dead Cigarette Box
From the department of unintentional irony: A GIFT OF PERFECTION DROP DEAD CIGARETTE BOX For the man who is dying for a cigarette, this 3-3/4″ x 1″ x 1-1/2″ completely metal, copper color coffin is a true replica of the real thing… Beware—your friends will fall in love with it. So-O-O buy several for gifts. […]
The beginnings of ubiquitous surveillance
Here is a modern solution to the problem that is plaguing every large city in America today! By Robert Hertzberg A COLLEGE professor walking his dog is knifed to death. The small daughter of a foreign diplomat is robbed of her bicycle. A woman pushing her baby in a carriage has her purse snatched. Where do these crimes take place—in a lawless Suez port town, or in the very heart of America's richest city? You only have to read the newspapers to know that murder and mugging are frequent occurrences in New York's famed Central Park, an otherwise beautiful oasis of lakes, playgrounds and trees bounded on three sides by the world's plushest apartment houses and on the other side by an incredibly overcrowded and festered slum.