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Jun, 1938
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Jun, 1939
If You Had Only 10 Days to Live
Suppose doctors said you had only ten days more to live! What would you give to have another ten YEARS of life? "Anything in the world!" you would say. Unfortunately, it would be too late. NOW, while you have many years more to live, is the time to fortify yourself against later troubles.
Fireworks Find Oil
By EMERSON G. SMITH Continental Oil Company That newcomer in industrial science, the Geophysicist, builds a little earthquake, listens to the result, and takes the guesswork out of petroleum exploration. THE waves sent out by an earthquake travel at varying speeds in different kinds of earth and rock. Knowledge of these speeds permits the calculation of the approximate distance of the 'quake after a seismograph gives its reading.
Electric Banana Ripening
Electric Banana Ripening THE ripening of bananas, which are cut from the trees when green, requires carefully controlled heat and humidity. A new and positive method has been devised by using electric strip heaters mounted under water pans suspended from the ceilings. The rooms in which the bananas are ripened are specially constructed, practically air […]
Revolving Tooth Brush
Revolving Tooth Brush Especial efficiency in cleansing teeth is claimed for a new rotating tooth brush that operates with a spring mechanism. The brush, circular and of 1/2-inch diameter, is located at the end of an extension from the handle which contains the mechanism. The spring is wound with a handle which may then be […]