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Feb, 1940
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Feb, 1946
What's New in Radio
Seventeen-Tube Radio Has Organ-Pipe Baffle. A UNIQUE tone filter made up of organ resonating pipes is an outstanding new feature of one well-known radio receiver line. The five graduated pipes are said to triple the baffle effect, giving true depth to music. The powerful 17-tube, five-band chassis with loudspeaker, tone filter and built-in loop antenna can be installed in any large radio cabinet.
Elastic Glass Arrives
ARRIVED at last is a transparent glass that actually bends and stretches, a glass that yields comfortably to body pressure and then eases back to its exact original shape. This amazing product of modern science has been hailed as a miracle material. It is water-proof, perspiration-proof, alcohol- proof, easily cleanable and does not support combustion. Despite its elasticity and flexibility, this new glass is tough, durable, does not scuff or crack. It is inert chemically and does not deteriorate.
How Photographic Film Is Made
"Mustard" plants and chemical "noodles" contain the elements that must be put into film base and emulsion before your camera can do its work. PHOTOGRAPHY has wedged its way into our daily lives so securely that we do not view it with the alarm and mysicism people did when Daguerre announced the first successful photographic process one hundred years ago, in 1839. We have come to expect and accept the seemingly impossible with little exhibition of surprise or enthusiasm. This is, in many ways, unfortunate, for the real joy of science comes from knowing her intimately—knowing how she can make so few characters play so many parts, disguised outwardly but working inwardly to the same objective.
"U-235"-Powerful New Fuel
That May Change the World NEWLY discovered is a natural substance— a rare form of uranium known as "U-235" —so powerful that one pound of it will give off as much energy as 3,000,000 pounds of gasoline or 5,000,000 pounds of coal! And if scientists can really harness enough of this substance and put it to work, human life may see a greater revolution than that caused by the steam engine.