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Aug, 1960
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Jan, 1961
Coast-to-Coast Mail in 15 Seconds
A TV-like facsimile system will transmit mail between Chicago and Washington this fall—with a nation-wide fax mail operation in the offing By S. DAVID PURSGLOVE REVOLUTION takes place this fall in the way Uncle Sam handles the mail. Letters mailed in Washington, D. C, will be delivered in Chicago, Ill., the same day —thanks to electronic transmission. The Post Office Department will put into regular use in October a television-like facsimile system between these two cities and their suburbs. Within seconds after reaching one post office, a letter will arrive in another, hundreds of miles away.
Parade of New Patents
Station Wagon Auxiliary Platform will facilitate your loading and unloading. This sliding tray unit forms an extra shelf or set of shelves for easy storage of trunks, boxes and small items that often get mislaid in a fully loaded station wagon. Trays are spring loaded for easy sliding. Patent No. 2,934,248. Jack A. Lown, Minneapolis, Minn. 'Copter Kite looks like the real thing when it is airborne. The kite has a three-bladed rotor that revolves about a simple bearing while the dummy tail rotor disc appears to be spinning as it glints in the light. Construction is light and simple. Patent No. 2,893,663. Earl L Wilson, Los Angeles, Calif.
Designed for Beginners and Professionals Electric HYPNOTISM MACHINE Plug in — put this effective machine to work for you. The 10" Hypnotic Spiral disc revolves at 59 -rpm, causing tremendous eye-fixation and hypnotic motion that seems to bring your subjects into a "deep well of sleep". Treasured by Professional Hypnotists and serious students alike, it is effective visually and creates prestige that is so very important. Use it for Self-Hypnosis and to hypnotize others — in groups or individually. Has an 8' electric cord, on-off switch, carrying handle and a fine quality 110V AC motor. Complete with disc and simple instructions. #CX-1...$13.95ppd.