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Apr, 1934
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Feb, 1935
Navies of the Stratosphere Threaten Cities
WARFARE, in the past hundred years or so, has been a contest between makers of guns and other offensive weapons, and makers of means of defense. As cannon were built bigger and bigger, ships were built heavier, and with more armor. It seems to be now agreed that the big ships are too expensive ; and it is quite possible that no more superdreadnoughts will ever be built.
Newest Devices
Better Than Ice • OFTEN does the beauty specialist inform milady that after her hot towel, or steam facial, she should apply ice to the skin to close the pores, tighten flabby muscles and stimulate circulation. But ice is not convenient to handle, and the water trickling down the neck is not exactly comfortable. The product here illustrated, will do the same work better.
Edible Wood May Solve Food Problem
Edible Wood May Solve Food Problem MANY lower animals have thrived indefinitely on a diet of wood fiber, but in man’s digestive organs, it serves as roughage (“spinach” to you). Yet chemistry has been successful in producing from it – sugar, alcohol, etc.; and a German, Professor Karl Schwalbe, has made beechwood digestible with lactic […]
Chameleons by Mail
Chameleons 25 Cents Each. Shipped By Mail LIVE, SAFE DELIVERY GUARANTEED Watch it change its color! Get one of these most wonderful of all creatures. Watch it change Its color. Study its habits. Wear one on the lapel of your coat as a curiosity. Watch it shoot out its tongue as it catches flies and […]
Pluto Is an Exceedingly Minor Planet
Aparently Pluto’s status as a planet has been in doubt from the very beginning. Pluto Is an Exceedingly Minor Planet SINCE his discovery, the planet Pluto has been a good deal of a disappointment to his sponsors. Now Dr. Baade, of Mt. Wilson observatory, estimates that Pluto’s mass is something like that of Titan, the […]
The “Dynamic Control” Ocean Liner (Nov, 1934)
By Hugo Gernsback THE tendency at the present time in airplane building is toward constantly increasing size. It is probably realized by all who have concerned themselves with aircraft that the larger machines are not very far in the future. From the earliest Wright airplane, which weighed approximately 1/2 ton, to the present record holder, the DOX, which weighed fifty tons, took a period of some 26 years. The 10,000 ton airplane, projected on a like time-scale, would, therefore, make its appearance not later than the year 1952. However, with the nature of the present-day technique, it is quite possible, at this moment, that the 10,000 ton plane will be here much sooner.
Safety Razor (Nov, 1934)
Safety Razor HERE is a razor which is said to do its job in any shaving position. The blades, coated with a mineral oil, come in a handy cartridge, and it becomes merely necessary to insert a small tab in the side of the razor, move a small sliding grip, and a new blade is […]
Sun Visors
And they’re stylish as well. Sun Visors LIKE hands cupped under and over the eyes, these visors, made entirely of a synthetic composition, permit vision in natural colors.
Shower and Beach Hood
Truly a miracle of modern science. Shower and Beach Hood MADE of oiled silk, this waterproof hood permits milady to enjoy the thrills of the shower without damaging her permanent wave.
Velocity of Light is Not Uniform
The idea of a variable speed of light has been around for a while and is still an active area of research. However, I’ve always heard about it in regards to time frames measured in billions of years. I’m thinking that if the speed of light changed appreciably between 1911 and 1931 we might have […]
Styles for Cold and Heat
I never go anywhere without my asbestos parasol. Styles for Cold and Heat RIGHT, Wiley Post, world-girdling flyer, in a suit built for stratosphere trips. It is airtight and connectable to a super-charger on his engine; and will stand 100° below zero. Below, a London fireman in the newest asbestos suit to keep out flame. […]