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Oct, 1952
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Dec, 1952
Put yourself in the I.C.S. HALL OF FAME*
And become a famous silhouette! It’s not really much of a hall of fame if you have to mail in for the members is it? Put yourself in the I.C.S. HALL OF FAME* Join these men who have made their mark! Men who by dint of ambition, intelligence and sound, practical I.C.S training now enjoy […]
Car Touch-Up Sprayer for 25c
BEFORE you buy an expensive spray gun and compressor, try an artist's fixative atomizer, available for 10c to 25c at art and drafting supply stores, model shops, and at many hobby and craft shops. Used by artists and architects to spray their pencil and chalk drawings with fixative to prevent rubbing, this gadget can perform many small painting jobs, using only lung power.
Salesmen Beware!
Salesmen Beware! This photo of the model Winchester (p. 146, Feb. ’52 S&M) was taken with an antique box camera and I couldn’t get as close as I’d like to. I used a powdered graphite method for the blued steel effect on the wooden model and it sure made the breech shine in the fading […]
"Bombs Away!"
THIS lively game will give you all the thrills of knocking the daylights out of an enemy city with well-placed "demolition bombs" without the least danger to the bombardier, although the area below is bristling with antiaircraft guns. The bomber (Figs. 3 and 4) slides on a revolving arm supported by a central post (Fig. 2) and is moved by hand until it is over target selected. By looking through the bombsight with its cross-wires the airman can get a direct line on target and release marble "bomb" by a hand lever.