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Apr, 1961
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Dec, 1961
Costly Ball to Guide Astronauts
A LITTLE metal ball, worth more than 30 times its weight in gold, is being tediously fashioned into shape as part of a guidance system that may help future astronauts find their way around the universe. General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y., says the sphere of niobium will be a critical part of an inertial guidance system giving pinpoint accuracy to navigation of a jet, ocean liner, space ship, or submarine—largely as a result of suspending it in a vacuum and rotating it as the heart of a super-precise gyroscope.
How a Fraud Detective Works
By MARY K. PIRIE WITH a girl perched on his brawny shoulders, the boy in the red swim trunks cavorted in the swimming pool. When the girl lost her hold on his wet back and started to slip, he reached up strong young arms and caught her. While both squealed with delight, the boy thought how good it felt to be out having fun again. Ever since he'd faked that accident at the plant last month and claimed a serious back injury, Dad had made him stay home and wear a brace. "Unless you do, we'll never get that $50,000 for 'total and permanent disability' we're suing for," the older man had warned.
Tricycle Conversion Kit enables junior to use his sidewalk scooter the year around. For use on ice or snow, the front wheel is removed and reslung under the frame with the wheel normally off the ground. Thus the vehicle can slide on the runners provided with the kit. Rider's weight on the pedals brings the wheel into contact with the ground. Patent No. 2,978,251. Martin E. Gerdes, Alexandria, Minn.
Strato-Cinema for Jet Passengers
By JAMES JOSEPH AIRLINE ticket offices bid to become box offices—as Trans World Airlines inaugurates the first in-flight "strato-cinema": first-run motion pictures screened in-flight. Making this possible is a unique combination of long-play film reels, a glare-proof projection screen (its picture, whether black-white or color, super-sharp even in a fully lighted jet cabin), and individual sound controls that let passengers adjust "stereo" earphones for best reception.