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Nov, 1961
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to build electronic projects. Enlarged size, step-by-step craft print plans—complete with detailed materials lists—are available for the following: 191. TESLA COIL. Produces 70,000 volts at 500,000 cps. Spectacular but safe.......................................$1.00 227. REPULSION COIL. Defies law of gravity—electromagnetically ................................................$1.00
Give Me One Evening And I'll Give You A Push-Button Memory
Yes! Here at last is your chance to gain the super-powered, file-cabinet memory you've always dreamed easily and so quickly that you'll he astounded ...AND ACTUALLY DO IT WITHOUT RISKING A PENNY! Let me explain! I don't care how poor you may think, your memory Is now! I believe that you have a memory 10 TO 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU REALIZE TODAY! I believe that your memory is working at a tiny fraction of its true power today—because you simply don't know the right way to feed it facts!
Rugged Silicones Join Space Age
SILICONE compounds—ranging from synthetic rubber to lubricating greases — may be the most versatile chemical products developing for the space age. Some rubber, for example, can be painted over spacecraft to keep them from melting during the tremendous heat of blast-off and re-entry. Another silicone rubber, with the addition of a chemical, turns from liquid to solid in minutes, withstands a blowtorch flame that will cut through steel, is immune to molten lead, yet lets you hold your hand on one side of a thin layer comfortably while a 5000°F flame is played on the other side.
Understanding LAWS of SCIENCE
—is easiest when an experiment shuts out all extraneous effects and lets one principle alone shine through. Try these six simple demonstrations to see how strikingly clear their principles become To demonstrate why exposed airplane parts are streamlined or given a tear-drop shape, place a piece of cardboard, bent into such a shape, in front of a candle as shown. Now blow at the rounded end of the model. The air from your breath follows the form and blows the candle flame straight from you, almost as if the obstacle were not there.
Death Rays Are Here... NOW
IF you had a security clearance, you could walk into any of about 30 laboratories in the United States and Canada and watch a death ray in action. You would hear absolutely nothing. You would see only a harmless looking bluish ray of light emerging from a small hole in one end of a long, complex, electrical apparatus. The device is an ion beam projector. The blue ray is a stream of ions—charged particles that, in the vacuum of space, could catch and destroy a spy satellite or an orbiting weapon.
TV's Sheet-Metal Heroes
Here's how Grandpa's Pierce-Arrow might end up on television, co-starring with Bob Stack By JACK B. KEMMERER "I'M a co-star with a bunch of old cars," moans Bob Stack, I relaxing between takes on the studio set of The Untouch- ables. "And if you don't believe it, take a look at the fan mail. I wouldn't be surprised if they get more mail than the rest of us put together." The Untouchables, ABC-TV's tale of gangsters and government men in the '30s, quickly skyrocketed to high popularity in the United States soon after its first appearance on the TV screen. And cars on the program share fan appeal with the human cast.
Lots of Wheels With VW Push
Lots of Wheels With VW Push WITH 16 of its 20 wheels powered, the 2200-lb. Nobel-Amphibil travels quickly over ditches, rocks, mud, snow, or ice— through clinging undergrowth, swamps, and swift streams, according to York Nobel Group, Ltd., London, which holds world production and sales rights. The twin front wheels on each side are un-powered; […]
Let a Franchise Put Money in Your Pocket
If you're an inventor with a product to sell, or a man who wants his own business, franchising could be your way to wealth. BY JAMES JOSEPH WHETHER you're an inventor who has brainstormed a marketable product, or a fellow yearning to plunge into a business of your own, experts nowadays are apt to prescribe the same means of success: franchising. Franchising your brainstormed product or service and you lease its use—and marketing —to dozens, even hundreds, of in-business-for-themselves franchisees, dealers who pay you a use fee or royalty, or both, for the privilege of cashing in on your success-laden idea. (Franchise fees range from $10 to $100,000, with the average from $6000 to $10,000; royalties run from 1% to 10% of gross sales.)
Your Moon Room's Waiting
Your Moon Room’s Waiting IF YOU’RE considering joining the ranks of early Moon residents, you’ll be glad to know a prototype apartment already has been prepared for you. Dr. I. M. Levitt, director of Fels Planetarium at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, suggests your rockets, after they’ve gotten you to the Moon, should be sliced into […]