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Nov, 1934
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Jun, 1935
Metallic Sandwich Analyzed by X-rays • BY holding up a layer of thin strips of different metals to X-ray radiation, a Swedish chemist, Dr. Hamos, can identify each of those in the pile by its characteristic "secondary radiation," or rays shot out under the influence of X-ray bombardment. The secondary rays are then analyzed with an ultra-violet spectroscope; and each metal gives a different line when photographed. By this means, ore specimens can be analyzed without dissolving them in chemicals.
Inventions and Contraptions
I like the idea about molding the coins in the bottles to prevent counterfeiting. It’s sort of like a backwards bottle deposit. Inventions and Contraptions THERE are a number of things on this page which would perplex the reader. The first (upper left) is a bottle, together with a young lady (we don’t know about […]
Can There Be Safely at Sea?
SINCE the first bold man, voluntarily or involuntarily, trusted himself to a hollow log and floated out on the tide, there have been disasters at sea. In the old days, there was little that could be done, except to exercise what skill and precaution was possible with rude sailing craft, and to offer special prayers for those in danger on the deep.
Millions in Gadgets (Feb, 1935)
By Hugo Gernsback THE American people spend more than $100,000,000 a year, in amounts from 5c up, on gadgets manufactured in this country—not counting the huge importations from abroad. Here is a field of invention, and unlimited new business possibilities, always open to the ingenious. YOU will not find the word "gadget" in many dictionaries; perhaps for the reason that most dictionary compilers consider the word to be slang. Yet, the word "gadget" is well known to everyone, and is used in everyday language in connection with some article that has a practical use and, usually, can be bought at a low price.
Peeing Dog Ashtray
This is awesome, the dog pisses on your cigarette and puts it out. NOT HOUSE BROKEN! We call him Seotty. When your guests put cigarettes in the ash tray— and pat Scotty’a head he’ll raise his little hind leg and-PUT OUT THE CIGARETTE. Convenient water sack inside Scotty is easily filled. At last a canine’s […]
Newest Recent Inventions Interesting From the Scientific and Mechanical Viewpoint
• EACH month, about five thousand patents are issued from the patent office at Washington, exclusive of trademarks, but including design patents. Of these, the largest proportion are intended for purely technical applications and as improvements on machinery previously in use, and are therefore of limited interest. On the other hand, many are novel in their utilization of known principles; and it is our endeavor to present here those of interest to any mechanically-inclined reader, whether or not they can be used by the public.
Fort More Than Mile High?
Fort More Than Mile High? NEARLY fifty years ago, Gustave Eiffel erected his wonder of the world in Paris—a tower of iron framework 987 feet high. A generation was to pass before this was exceeded in height by a number of the skyscrap-ing office buildings of New York. Now another French engineer, Henri Lossier, proposes […]
Miniature Cars are Practical
I really wish people still drove around in these. I certainly would pay extra for a pizza delivered by a little kid wearing a cap, driving tiny car. Miniature Cars are Practical CHEAP and serviceable, this little car has attained much favor in England. It goes only 15 miles an hour, but can be driven […]