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Aug, 1936
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Jun, 1938
Rubber Lungs for Iron
The research laboratories of an Ohio tire company have developed a new respirator, made of rubber, which it is hoped will replace the heavy and uncomfortable "iron lung" now used in medical cases where the patient's lung muscles have become useless through infantile paralysis or other disease.
Cracking the World's Largest Diamond
Beauty and brilliance the goal of Jonker craftsmen rather than size—largest of twelve resulting stones weighs 143 carats By MARVIN HENDERSON PROBABLY one of the most exciting moments in the history of gems was that in which, by a single sharp blow, Lazare Kaplan, diamond expert, clove the great Jonker diamond along the lines he had drawn thereon after months of careful study. Unless his studies had been accurate, the great 726-carat stone might have flown into thousands of worthless fragments. That it did not do so is a testimony to the care and skill and technical knowledge of himself and his son Leo who was his associate in the work.
New instruments, fathered by radio, uncovers the gold buried by bandits, lost at sea, hidden by fleeing people,—Treasure hunting becomes a profitable profession for the adventurer. BY JERRY BROWN THERE need never have been bloody battles over the map which showed the location of the treasure on Treasure Island, had the expedition in search of it been made in this day. All that would have been necessary for the search party was one or the other of a number of modern scientific instruments which make the finding of concealed treasure troves simple.
Electrical Air Cleaning
This device was also highlighted in Modern Mechanix (Ionic Breeze ’38) Electrical Air Cleaning Air almost 100 percent free from dirt particles and other substances is obtained when it is passed through a new electrostatic air filter. The device charges the particles which then cling to magnetic plates through which the air is passed. The […]
The scientific toy of a generation ago has taken its place as a major tool in industry for the handling, sorting, purifying and grading of many materials By HECTOR HESTER THE earliest electrical phenomena known to man—outside of such natural manifestations as those present in lightning and the lodestone—was the observation of the fact that a briskly rubbed piece of amber would attract to itself fragments of light material, such as cloth and paper. When the science of electricity developed further, the principle of electromagnetism took its place in the household in such familiar instruments as the door bell and the telephone. Brightly colored magnets of horseshoe shape also became familiar toys to the children.
Car-Trailer Combination
Car-Trailer Combination A radical departure in automobile design is represented by a streamlined automobile in which the body and frame are integral and which, it is claimed, increases safety in driving while combining all of the features of a pleasure car and trailer. The structure is streamlined and is 16 feet long and 6 feet […]
Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare
Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare Complete comfort and safety are promised to the night automobile driver who will wear a new type of eyeshade. Colored material above the eyes blocks out the glare of approaching headlights at a distance and as the bright headlights approach, shields at the driver’s left block out the glare from that […]
Giant Masks for Mardi Gras or a Party
ANYBODY has enough of the sculptor in him to mold giant masks like those worn in the photograph by beach beauties posing for inspection at the annual Mardi Gras held at Venice, California. True, the result of your first attempt at papier-mache sculpturing may not be a thing of beauty, but so much the better, since the exaggeration of features to the point of grotesqueness is usually the sculptor's objective. You will bear me out in this statement, I think, when you have run your eye along the row of faces supported by the nine young ladies in the picture. These masks, by the way, are good models to shoot at in shaping something similar.
SKOOT-MOBILE America’s Smart New Fad Everyone gets a big thrill out of Skoot-Mobile . . . youngsters and oldsters use it for pleasure and profit. Small merchants now have motorized delivery service at 1/10 of a cent per mile with the Economy Car. . . side car with 500 lb. pay load. Skoot-Mobile, designed and […]
DIRECT FACTORY-TO-YOU SALE Save 50% on this 16-tube touch button world-wide Midwest! Only $39.95! Absolutely Complete with tubes in richly finished console – nothing else to buy! JUST imagine a radio so big, so powerful, so luxurious—in a big, beautiful, richly-finished walnut console—selling at such an amazingly low factory-to-you price 1 While it costs no […]