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Jun, 1939
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Oct, 1940
Fireless Steam Locomotives Pull Big Loads for Industry
By ARTHUR WINFIELD Without boilers, fireboxes, grates, and pans, or tubes, these huge engines can pull twenty or more freight cars in a single train, but have been almost unknown to the American public for nearly a lifetime. WHY should a steam locomotive, hauling and switching heavy loads around factories, warehouses and freight yards, deluge the landscape with smoke, sparks, ash dust, cinders, and foul gases, when all this can so easily be avoided?
Takes the Drudgery Out of Mopping
Takes the Drudgery Out of Mopping MADE of cellulose sponge, the “business end” of this new floor mop absorbs twenty times its own weight in water yet remains soft and workable. A rectangular metal part with handle provides a squeezing device that wrings out the soiled water, which need not touch the operator’s hands. Only […]
Drive Your Own Electric Chair
I really wanted the next line to say “to your execution”. Also, we know where this whole golf cart type thing leads. Drive Your Own Electric Chair ANOTHER of the many new things always popping up in California is an electric chair, operating on two 15-plate auto starter batteries. It has three speeds and reverse […]
Parker Electric Tooth Brush
TEETH LIKE MOVIE STARS! Cleaner— Brighter—Beautiful Enjoy HOLLYWOOD Glamour—with teeth like the Stars. Cleaner, healthier, more lustrous than you ever dreamed of with old-fashioned wasteful brush method. Your friends will marvel at the attractive change overnight. The DENTIST-CLEAN duality of ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSHING will amaze you.
An Electric Tooth Brush Makes Teeth Sparkle
An Electric Tooth Brush Makes Teeth Sparkle EVERYBODY in the family may brush his teeth “the way the dentist does” with a new electric brush which does away with traditional dental cleaning methods. Every member of the family can have his own set of brushes that can be quickly attached to the brush head. A […]