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Jun, 1959
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Jun, 1960
HANDWRITING READER invented by Leon D. Harmon of Bell Telephone Laboratories reads ten handwritten words—”zero through nine.” The electrically wired stylus is pressed to “reset” button before a word is written on the electrically-connected writing surface. When stylus is touched to “identify” button, light appears above correct digit on handwriting reader.
Up-and-Down Wiper Clears Entire Windshield
I’m sure the big metal bar laying right in your field of view wouldn’t be annoying at all… Up-and-Down Wiper Clears Entire Windshield BLIND spots caused by snow or rain accumulating on the windshield are ended by this up-and-down wiper that extends the full width of the glass. The wiper is operated by a threaded […]
Add a Tape Recorder to Your Phono
• With the Gramdeck you can turn your phono into a tape recorder—or back into a phono— within a few seconds. The Gramdeck just slips onto the turntable as easily as a record; the turntable drives the tape spools and the phono loudspeakers provide sound reproduction. A pre-amp/control unit which uses transistors and printed circuits and which is installed permanently on the phono in a few seconds, is part of the kit.