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Jan, 1965
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The TVR Vixen is a striking fiberglass coupe powered by a Ford (of England) Cortina Four producing 93 hp. Since the car weighs only 1680 lbs. (220 less than the MGB roadster), performance is very good by European standards.
I'll Make You a Master of CHINESE KUNG-FU
...the Oriental ART of INSTANTANEOUS DEATH that is applied with NO Bodily Contact the Chinese method of Attack and Self-Defense kept so secret that it has been handed down in China only from father to son because of its DEADLY power to disable or kill! Now these devastatingly brilliant secrets that require NO PHYSICAL STRENGTH OR EXERTION are revealed to you in the English language by a KUNG-FU Master who dares to teach you AT HIS RISK!
It really was a lovely war, as this living portrait of our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, testifies. Taken during World War I, the president's likeness is formed by the 21,000 enlisted men and officers of the 83rd Infantry Division stationed at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio
A CALL GIRL FOR YOUR HOME. Available in black, white, and psychedelic swirls to accommodate every taste, the Call Girl shown here is a working phone marketed by Classics Inc., 241 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis. 53202. Fits over your home phone. Black or white models are $40, psychedelic $50. Should be a big hit with the Missus. HOW FAST WAS HE GOING AT THE TIME? A new, collapsible motorcycle has been developed by the Honda company. When the pieces are put together, it is an all-purpose lightweight bike. When you're ready to go home, the "Dax 70" can be taken apart and carried in your car trunk- VOLKSWAGEN'S MEDI-CAR PLAN.
By Norman Carlisle Is it greater than the transistor, or is this self-taught engineer a fraud as the big companies claim? Everyone knew that glass was an insulator, not a conductor of electricity. Everybody, that is, except a controversial independent inventor named Stanford Ovshinsky. To the consternation of orthodox scientists he's found a way to turn glass into a conductor—a discovery that may rival that of the transistor effect. At least that's what Ovshinksy and a number of fellow scientists and engineers claim, thereby starting a red-hot hassle among scientists.
Eye-Stopper of the Month
We've been getting a lot of complaints lately, especially from parents. "When are you going to publish an Eye-Stopper who isn't clad in a skimpy bikini?" they ask. Well here she is, gracefully demonstrating American Standard's new Ultra Bath. The oval "bathing pool" measures 5 feet long by 42 inches wide and 16 inches deep.
By Franklynn Peterson Funny things happen on the way to renting cars, but Hertz doesn't always laugh. The hippy drove his rented car back to the agency garage late one Sunday and, like man, did he have a complaint. His fold-up bed was in the trunk and he couldn't get the trunk unlocked. The renting agent had a gripe, too—he also wanted the trunk open. Sunday is not the best time to go looking for a trunk-lock specialist in New York City, especially half an hour before the garage locks up and the cars turn into pumpkins. And this was one hippy who didn't dig the thought of parking his beard on the floor for a long winter's nap.
What turns you on?
By Paul Wahl Your taste in women may reveal some interesting things about your personality Men accept, and women are perhaps resigned to, the notion that breasts, buttocks, and legs are the body parts of women that are most attractive to men. Facial characteristics, it seems, rank no higher than 4th among the determinants of feminine sex appeal as evaluated by the average male.
DIM MAK - "The Death Touch"
in this exclusive book! BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY. The BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY is the WORLD'S DEADLIEST FIGHTING ORGANIZATION which has included in its closed membership the top fighting experts of the DREADED CHINESE TONG SOCIETY - the oriental, and more vicious counterpart of the Mafia.
Laser Holographic Color TV Tape Cartridges
A low-cost color TV tape player built around lasers and holography has been unveiled by RCA. Called SelectaVision, it will play full-color programs recorded on tapes made of the same clear, cheap plastic used to wrap meats and vegetables in supermarkets. This material costs about one-tenth as much as conventional films. The scratch- and dust-proof tapes will be able to run in slow motion or stopped to study individual frames, if desired, and can be replayed countless times.