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Feb, 1936
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Apr, 1936
Newest Devices For the General Use
Knitter's Yarn Cage. SINCE knitting is ever popular, here is a friend for the lady. It is a material the makers call "non-inflammable rayon" and, indeed, similar, but not a thread. It is white and shiny and keeps the yarn straight as it hangs from the knitter's wrist.
Grindstone Attached to Bicycle
A man who makes a living grinding scissors, knives, etc., in the vicinity of Moreton, Cheshire, England has fitted his bicycle with a small grinding wheel, in accordance with the illustrations and description here given. For those who would like to go into this business, we outline the details. Two ordinary strips of iron, about 1" wide and 1/8" thick, are drilled to accommodate three bolts and a bicycle hub axle. By means of a bolt, the iron strips are fastened together at one end, and the strips spread by hand; a small piece of iron pipe is then dropped down close to the bend, and the strips are again squeezed together, first by hand and later with the vise. This forms a clamp for the bottom of the bicycle frame. The top cross-bar is properly located, and the iron bent around it in a similar way.
New De Luxe Sleeper Planes
THE day was, when to ride in an airplane was an adventure, and one which involved a degree of "roughing it." The newest plane design carries all the facilities of luxury and comfort afforded by any form of transportation; made possible by the great size of the new high-speed transports. The new Douglas Sleeper Transports, of American Airlines, pictured here, have a wing span of 95 feet, an over-all length of 65 feet, and height of 17-1/2; feet; the gross weight is 24,000 pounds, and they can carry 24 passengers each as day planes, or 16 as night passengers, with sleeping accommodations.
New Ingenuities
Ventilated Auto Seat HOT weather driving will lose its principal discomfort, if this principle is carried into general use. The seat cover is of impervious materials, but with small holes. The car's motions create an internal air stream. Ice Cream Goblet IDEA of a large supply house, to give juvenile customers both sundae and soda at one price.
Mechanical Novelties
• HERE is a model fire truck—at least, it looks like one. As a matter of fact, the English fireman pictured is on top of a full-sized water tower, and the picture taken from 50 feet above. Ice Flows from Tap Like Water • WITH ice a necessity, for so many comfortable beverages, a good deal of time is spent cracking and dishing it. The machine below for bars and fountains, is very handy. It grinds down ice with a 1/4-H.P. motor; and a glass held under the faucet is at once filled with a flow of ice.
Anti-Hitch Kink
Update: I forgot that I had previously posted a productized version of this: the Auto-Shocko Anti-Hitch Kink IF your auto is pestered by hitchers-on, here is a good cure. Fit a Ford coil with a piece of chain which will drag along the ground (but must not touch the car), and ground the other end […]
Floating Runways for Seaplanes
TO enable take-off of seaplanes with heavy loads—especially the additional fuel which is required for transoceanic flights—a new apparatus has recently been invented to launch them on the water, but not from it. As shown, it comprises a track, supported above the water by pontoons; so that the seaplane is given the advantage, not only of its own power, but also of a mechanical pull. It can maneuver itself, in the water, up the track; and the latter, being pivoted, can turn to the wind at the moment prevailing.
Avoiding Electric Shocks
While Making Electrical Repairs THE home mechanic is usually not so well versed as he might be on electrical matters, and frequently receives an electric shock when attempting to replace burnt-out fuses, or making repairs on a defective lamp socket. Several safety hints here given will enable anyone to make their own general electrical repairs without danger. Frequently fuses have to be replaced in basement cellars and, if you have a pair of rubber gloves, it is a good idea to wear them. If you are careful, however, and stand on a piece of dry board, or even on a dry folded newspaper, or wear a pair of dry rubbers, you can remove "blown" fuses and insert the new ones without receiving a shock through the body, due to contact through the shoes on a damp cellar floor.
"Magic Chair" for Beauty
“Magic Chair” for Beauty A recent fad in Paris (France) is Mecanotherapy— literally mechanical medical treatment—to bring about health, slenderness and beauty. At least, it is liberally advertised to the seekers after all three, and is obtainable at a good price. It centers round the chair illustrated below and its numerous gadgets; which is said […]
WAR Invades the Stratosphere
WHETHER any region of the earth is to be free from war and rumors of war, predicted for us thousands of years ago, is doubtful. War has been carried into the depths of the sea, to deserts and jungles, and high above the clouds. The scientists have barely succeeded in opening the stratosphere, or highest level of the air, to research exploration, than it is being surveyed as a possible battlefield.