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Jan, 1932
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Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb..
When You Ought to Talk? How often have you wanted to talk, but held back, silent, because you felt unequal to the other people present? How many times have you passed up or avoided the chance to talk in public—before your business associates, your club or lodge, because of your fear of stage fright?
Surface Speed vs. Fall
HIGH SPEED is the watchword of this age, more than of any other which has preceded it. The eighteenth century provided no means to attain a high speed of travel. Even the loftiest building from which one could jump would not give you the speed of arrival with which a motor car or a plane can now strike an obstacle.
What's Your Time?
DO YOU KNOW? Where there is no Sunday in the week? Where there are two Sundays in the week? That there are 25 different kinds of Standard Time in the world? SINCE radio made it possible to listen to people on the other side of the earth, we are becoming more "time-conscious". To set the clock backward, or forward, for daylight time, or to set a watch on a train or bus journey might be mysterious, but it is not complicated.
"Electric Eye" Reads Books
TWO machines employing the photoelectric cell, or "electric eye," in a novel manner, are illustrated on this page. Each "reads" manuscript or printed text and, without human intervention, converts it into a form more available for use. At the left, we have the "Semagraph," an automatic typesetter. Copy prepared on a special typewriter is placed on the table of this machine, which thereupon operates a standard typesetting machine to produce "slugs" from which a newspaper or book may be printed.
Giant Wind Turbines
Currents in Upper Air Form Unfailing Source of Power for "Windmills" of Future WIND, at the surface of the earth, is proverbially uncertain; but recent researches show that, a thousand feet or more above the ground, wind is comparatively steady and unfailing. This has given new life to the hope of finding a substantial source of natural power, even more universally available than water power; and the designs illustrated here have been prepared by a German engineer, Honnef, the erector of several huge radio towers. As shown here, the structure carrying the power plant would be higher than any other building man has yet been able to erect.
Aviation Novelties
Novices Learn Flying On the Roof GROUND flying has been practiced for years, it is true, and some old-timer used to try starting from a roof; but the British invention at the left stays right on the roof, to which it is fixed by a pivot. All the controls of the plane can be operated by the student, under instruction. The new Whitley "Hoverplane", a device for the instruction of unfledged aviators, being demonstrated on the roof of London's largest department store.
Radium – Boon or Menace? (Jun, 1932)
By HUGO GERNSBACK Member, American Physical Society; Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science. RECENTLY the press reported the case of a wealthy man who died from the direct use of radium, in a way that made it necessary for the authorities to step in and investigate the so-called "radium cures". The victim, Eben M. Byers, an iron manufacturer, died in a New York hospital from the effects of radium absorbed by drinking "radithor", a radioactive water manufactured by the Bailey Radium Laboratories, East Orange, New Jersey.
Automatic Milk-Bottle Safe
By DONALD A. PRICE THIS simply constructed milk bottle safe will obviate the pilfering of milk from the door or porch, by automatically locking itself when full bottles of milk are placed inside. In addition, it provides a shelter from the weather.
First American CRT "Televisor"
TELEVISION NOTES Reception On Moving Train IN A recent experiment carried out, in England, by the Baird Co., television images were successfully picked up on the portable receiver and scanner shown at the upper right. The image was observed in the window at the right of the scanner, appearing on the side of the disc. […]
$500.00 Cigar Boxcraft Contest
THE BOXCRAFT CONTEST, originated by the publishers of this magazine, has taken the country by storm. So adept are the contestants in this contest becoming, that they think nothing of bending cigar-box wood, and working the bent pieces into the designs of their construction. We might add a word of caution at this point. Some of the many models which we receive are not properly packed, and arrive in a broken condition. Great care should be taken in securing the model within the package, so that it will not be damaged in transit.
Early Analog Computers (Super-Brains)
Calculations in Higher Mathematics Performed by Complex Machinery • FOR thousands of years after arithmetic and geometry had been worked out, these forms of mathematics were sufficient for most purposes of even learned men. However, when science became complex, and especially in the development of modern astronomy, it was apparent that new methods of calculation were needed. Two hundred and fifty years ago, Sir Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibnitz, working independently, devised methods of procedure which have been refined into what is now called, for short, calculus. Without this, modern science and engineering could never have reached their present development.