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Feb, 1960
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Aug, 1960
Magic Remote Control For TV. Radio or Appliance!
Magic Remote Control For TV. Radio or Appliance! Control your TV, radio or phonograph with this attractive 2-1/2″ dice cube, without getting up from your easy chair or bed. Just tip the “Tip Switch” and your set goes on or off like magic. Also controls lights, fans, heaters, bedlamps and other appliances. Works automatically at […]
Now TV Has a Memory
THIS multiple exposure photo shows how a new television camera tube "memorizes" what it sees. To demonstrate it, the young woman stood before the TV camera for a split second, then walked around immediately to see her image frozen on the receiver screen.
Kerosene Lamp Powers Radio
Kerosene Lamp Powers Radio REMOTE areas of Siberia and China use thermoelectric generators like the one shown here to convert heat from a kerosene lamp into electricity for radios. The 20-lb. device is being studied by scientists at the Martin Co., Baltimore, Md., where similar direct conversion principles have been applied to nuclear heat sources. […]
Fluid "Transistor" Circuits
May Rival Electronics Here's the complete story on amplifiers that use liquids or gases instead of electricity. They may soon control such things as dishwashers, power tools and computers By S. DAVID PURSGLOVE INSTEAD of vacuum tubes and transistors, the basic units of tomorrow's automatic appliances and automated industries might well be small blocks of metal, plastic or ceramics with tiny passageways in them. Development of the blocks—pure fluid amplifiers—was announced recently by the Army's Diamond Ordnance Fuze Lab., Washington, D. C.
Building and Riding a Unicycle
Learning to ride this fugitive from the circus is becoming an increasingly popular modern day exercise By HAROLD P. SMITH A USED or even wrecked 20 or 24-in. bicycle will supply most of the major parts needed to make a unicycle, and you can build it for one-third the cost of a new one. We chose 24-in. bikes for parts to build the unicycles shown in Fig. 1. If you are picking up a used or wrecked bike for parts, select one with a good front wheel fork and rear wheel. And, if possible, one having a New Departure Model D or Bendix 13 coaster brake because these types have rear wheel hubs that are identical in size and shape at both ends, a feature that simplifies the making of the axle adapters.
Analyzing Air Car Designs
How well do the air cars perform? Here is the full story - - what makes them go, the problems they face and what their future looks like By WAYNE WILLE CALL them air cars. Call them ground effect vehicles. Or call them air cushion sleds. But, above all, call them experimental. All the models currently under development pose some difficult problems for the designers and engineers working on them. Such problems as: • How can we make them fly high enough to clear rocks, fences, high waves and other obstacles? • What is the best way to steer them? • Will they perform adequately at high speed, if at all?
Early Drum Machine
SOME oscillating tubes, housed in a cabinet sitting next to your piano, guitar or flooglehorn, can turn you into a one-man orchestra. The cabinet, actually a new electronic instrument called Side Man, produces a variety of instrumental sounds—from bass drum, torn torn and wood block to maracas, brush and cymbal.