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Jun, 1960
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Oct, 1960
Finger wrenches for hard-to-hold nuts
Finger wrenches for hard-to-hold nuts Ever wish your finger were a wrench when you have to hold tiny nuts and bolt heads in hard-to-reach places? That’s exactly what it becomes when you slip on one of these fingertip hex wrenches. The tiny wrenches come in four sizes— 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″, and 1/4″-and sell for $2.50 […]
Amphicar Travels on Water or Land
Amphicar Travels on Water or Land PART boat and part car, this German import recently made its American debut. Dubbed the Amphicar, it has a self-supporting floating body—162 in. long overall, on an 80-in. wheelbase. Its 4-cylinder 39-hp motor is water cooled and has four fully synchronized forward speeds and one reverse for on-land operation. […]
How Tiros Photographs the World (including Russia)
The day of the high-flying spy plane may be over. America's camera-toting satellites will soon be ready to take over security reconnaissance work By S. DAVID PURSGLOVE IS America's first military reconnaissance satellite already orbiting the earth? Tiros I—launched in April—was called a "weather observation satellite." But it has disturbed top U. S. officials the way weather never could. Nobody expected the camera-carrying Tiros to do more than demonstrate the feasibility of weather satellites (it actually has come up with significant, although not new, information about weather). But Tiros has embarrassingly done more for military spy satellites than it has for weather satellites.
Sunlight Powers Automobile
Sunlight Powers Automobile POWERED by the same kind of solar cells used in space vehicles, this car—a 1912 Baker electric— has a top speed of 20 mph. The 26 sq. ft. panel atop the car contains some 10,640 silicon cells which convert sunlight to electricity. The car was rigged with the cells merely to demonstrate […]
TOMORROW'S HOME: Comfort in Cubes
In a few years, do-it-yourselfers may be playing a gigantic game of dominoes—using aluminum cubes to build an efficient, mobile and low-cost home By MERLE E. DOWD HOLLOW aluminum cubes —12 ft. square with translucent plastic tops and variable wall panels—might be the building blocks for tomorrow's do-it-yourself homebuilder. The cubes, which could be put together domino-like to form any floor plan you want, are the basic unit for a startling experimental "Industrialized House" which was brain-stormed by famed designers George Nelson and Co., Inc., of New York.
Finger Wrench Reaches Tight Spots
Finger Wrench Reaches Tight Spots Cut a hexagonal hole in a rubber finger tip and you have a wrench that’s fine for starting nuts in close spots on electronic chassis, in clocks, appliances, and instruments. The rubber finger tips are ordinarily used for handling paper.
Electronic Leash Shocks Sense Into Fido
AN electronic device, called Electro-Leash, can literally shock sense into your pooch —shaping him into a show dog or simply teaching him to behave around the house. The obedience trainer consists of a palm-sized, transistorized pulse generator, 50 feet of wire which also serves as the leash and a dog collar with two tiny electrodes.
Lunar Explorers May Ride in Squirrel Cage
Lunar Explorers May Ride in Squirrel Cage SPACE explorers may roll around the moon’s surface in a squirrel cage-type vehicle much like this one. Once a space craft lands on the moon, the collapsible Moon Sac would be inflated, then equipped to house and provide for explorations by a two-man team. The inflating gas would […]