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Dec, 1954
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Mar, 1955
Gauged To Perfection
Perfection of the finished product requires precise control in the manufacture of jet fuel. Such control is vital in the refining of oil, as it is in most industries. And, with the coming of age of automation, the controls must not only be precise —they must also be supervised automatically.
Automatic Home Laundry - 1965?
NEW DEPARTURES OF TOMORROW Automatic Home Laundry – 1965 Maybe it’s hard to imagine a home laundry that washes, dries, irons, folds. But it’s even harder to imagine this wonder—or any other—working without ball bearings . . . New Departures. In fact, New Departure ball bearings play an important role in just about every product […]
Ad: about missile guidance
...AND FORD INSTRUMENT COMPANY To make sure that a missile hits its target, Ford Instrument provides it with a guidance system that is sensitive to the variable conditions it meets along the way. If you have problems in this field, it will pay you to talk them over with Ford engineers. Guided missile devices are typical of the systems that Ford designs and manufactures for the Armed Forces and the Atomic Energy Commission. Thousands of Ford specialists are now working on such projects as electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical servo-mechanisms, computers, controls and drives.
at 14,000 operations a second with giant IBM Electronic Data Processing Machines