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Sep, 1955
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Feb, 1956
Reaching for the moon
Once it meant the impossible... today it's a progress report on scientific research Who dares call anything impossible today? Not when research scientists are constantly seeking and finding new wonders to improve the way you live. ONLY A DREAM YESTERDAY... reality today. A generation ago, Union Carbide scientists began taking oil and natural gas apart and putting the pieces together again in ways unknown to nature.
Where voices are powered by the sun
A new kind of telephone system developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories for rural areas is being operated experimentally by electric current derived from sunlight. Electric current is generated as sunlight falls on the Bell Solar Battery, which a lineman is seen adjusting in position.
The problem confronting many company managements today in deciding what course to follow in applying the new techniques of automation and data processing is similar to the problem faced in recent years by the leaders of our military organizations in arranging for efficient application of the same powerful tools of electronics to the art of war. At Ramo-Wooldridge the difficult demands of major military systems responsibility have been met successfully by the placing of heavy dependence upon teams of unusually well-qualified, mature and experienced scientists, operational procedures experts, and engineers. These teams deal with the technical and non-technical portions of a project as inseparable and interrelated aspects of a single problem.
Translation by Machine
Its wide study has been stimulated by the need of scientists to keep abreast of publications in several languages. Although a mechanical translator still does not exist, encouraging progress lias been made by William N. Locke Suppose you became interested in working in a new field opening up in your line of work. Your first step would be to get all the background you could on the subject. To take a concrete example, let us say that the new field was the design of electrical switching networks. Looking through the literature, you would certainly find the pioneer 1938 paper by Claude Shannon on the theory of such networks, and a number of other, less important, papers. But how likely would you be to discover a Russian paper entitled And even if you saw listed somewhere an English translation of its title ("The Application of Boolean Matrix Algebra to the Analysis and Synthesis of Relay Contact Networks"), how could you know that this article in the Russian language was the most important contribution to the field next to Shannon's original paper?
Ad: Work at Los Alamos
— where scientists and engineers, working with some of the Western World's finest equipment and facilities probe the unknown and seek answers to tomorrow's problems. The Laboratory's program for pioneering in nuclear and thermonuclear power and nuclear propulsion, ranks in importance with the Laboratory's continuing and ever expanding achievements in atomic weapons research and development.
Farnsworth … VISION beyond the range of sight… Farnsworth CLOSED CIRCUIT TV “lets you see … where you can’t be” MORE THAN 30 YEARS experience in electronic television for defense and industry . . . bring you Farnsworth closed circuit television that is second to none! Engineered especially for industrial, educational and commercial use this […]
Ad: Launching Tomorrow's Satellite
When the first man-made satellite is launched on its orbit around the earth, it will owe its existence to the thousands of missiles which have preceded it, and to the careful analysis of their patterns of flight. The Univac Scientific of Remington Rand has speeded this effort immeasurably, handling flight analyses for the nation's guided missile program. Each missile firing, each analysis, involves enormous amounts of in-flight data, with manual computations normally requiring from 250 to 500 hours. This staggering work load is accomplished by the Univac Scientific Electronic Computer in approximately 4 to 8 minutes.
Ad: new digital magnetic tape transport
the AMPEX FR200 for digital handling provides new performance standards, new convenience features and an unmatched excellence of design NEW EASE OF TAPE CHANGE... The time saving feature of single loop threading is provided by a lever which moves the idlers into a straight line. This arrangement eliminates chance of faulty threading by unskilled personnel.
Letter-Matic 1960?
This is the first in a great series of ads for New Departure ball bearings, none of which have anything to do with ball bearings. Letter-Matic 1960? NEW DEPARTURES OF TOMORROW Think of dashing through your correspondence with this imaginary scribe! It converts your voice into electronic impulses which type, micro-record, fold, insert, seal, address […]