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Jun, 1930
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May, 1938
Their words have wings as swift as light
An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company We live and work as no other people have ever done. Our activities are pitched to the swiftness of the instantaneous age.
Now comes the season for rain, sleet, ice, snow; slippery streets and frozen ruts. The handling of a motor car under these adverse conditions is safer, steering is easier, and control is surer, when you are at the wheel of a Cord front-drive.
WHAT will be the finest, and perhaps the greatest, highway of its kind in the world, is now under construction in New York City. Built along the Hudson River waterfront, this highway, which may be listed as one of Borough President Miller's important achievements, begins at the Hudson Tunnels at Canal Street and will extend to Spuyten Duyvil, a distance of 14 miles.
NO-BATTERY TORCH A mechanical flashlight requiring No Batteries. Winding the handle gives a continuous light anytime—anywhere. Not affected by moisture, heat or cold. An extra bulb is carried under the head light lor emergency. Blue, red or gray metal case, 8-1/2 inches long. Guaranteed. $10.00. Post paid. ARDMORE SALES CO. 172 Elmwood Ave., Long Branch, […]
20,679 Physicians say LUCKIES are less irritating.
20,679 Physicians say LUCKIES are less irritating. I too prefer Luckies because… Toasting removes dangerous irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. “It’s toasted” Your Throat Protection against irritation – against cough.
By PAUL R. HEYL, Ph.D. Physicist United States Bureau of Standards, Author of "The New Frontier of Physics", Contributing Editor Scientific American "Do you remember," said the visitor, "when I came here some time ago, asking you to tell me what an atom was?" "Yes," said the scientist, "and I could not do it." "Perhaps you did better than you thought. Now I have another question to ask you." "I hope it is something easier this time." "Well, it isn't about Einstein. I only want to know what the quantum theory is all about. What is a quantum, anyway?" "You do not seem to be getting any more moderate in your demands," said the scientist. "How much do you know about it, to begin with?"
heroes must not lisp!
heroes must not lisp! “My thweet” lisped from the screen would mar the star’s romantic appeal. But that is something you don’t hear in the theatres which have Western Electric talking picture equipment. To reproduce the letter ‘S’ was but one of many difficulties in the way of giving you talking pictures at their best. […]
Before radar was invented giant “ears” were used to pick up the sound of incoming planes. NEW “EARS” FOR FRENCH ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNNERS TO keep pace with the great strides made by military aviation since the war—that has been the problem of the anti-aircraft sections of the artillery of all nations. The efforts of the French […]