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Jan, 1953
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Mar, 1953
New Magic Bullets for Murdering Microbes
AT YOUR END OF THE COAL CHEMICAL PIPELINE …. NEW Magic Bullets for Murdering Microbes Coal chemicals are the steadfast allies of the medical scientist in his uphill conquest of disease. Pyridine, for example, is vital in the manufacture of sulfa drugs. And gamma-picoline, another valuable Pittsburgh coal chemical, is the source of isonicotinic acid […]
ERA Computation Center
Announcing the ERA Computation Center for Programming, Problem Analysis, Machine Computation A Complete New Computing Service … for industries and government agencies confronted with large-scale data-processing problems. Flexibility of Service … permits you to utilize the facilities you need … ERA specialists will handle your problems from problem analysis to final results . . . […]
Ad: How a jet engine runs on its "nerves"
How a jet engine runs on its “nerves” Auxiliary “nerve center” of a jet’s engine, this complex gearbox transmits the power that runs oil and fuel pumps, generators, and other vital accessories. To produce this intricate unit for J-40 engines, Westinghouse looks to Lycoming for precision production. From a jet’s mighty engine, these precision gears […]
High Voltage Engineering Corporation
Whew, now I know where to go for all of my high-voltage ionizing radiation needs. Thank you High Voltage Engineering Corporation! Here’s why THE Van de Graaff IS UNSURPASSED as a source of controlled, powerful, ionizing radiation energy because . . . The ionizing intensity of its electron beam, at 2 MeV, is several thousand-fold […]