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Jan, 1956
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Mar, 1956
Interested in it? So are we! For here at world-famous Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, responsible for unleashing the terrifying power of the atom, we are now pioneering in harnessing this power for beneficial uses. There is exciting adventure in the application of nuclear and thermonuclear energy to weapons, power and propulsion. Supporting these diverse activities here at Los Alamos are many challenging projects in basic physics, chemistry, metallurgy, mathematics and engineering.
Prelude to Atomic Energy
They're moving mountains in South Africa. With the aid of Amberlite® ion exchange resins, sparsely distributed uranium is being selectively extracted from clay residues of gold mining. In Canada, on the Colorado Plateau, and in many other parts of the world, Amberlite resins are also easing the uranium refiner's job.
The Transistor that smashed a frequency barrier
A new transistor invented at Bell Telephone Laboratories can provide broadband, high-frequency amplification never before possible with transistors. The big leap in frequency is made possible by a diffusion process that earlier enabled Laboratories scientists to create the Bell Solar Battery.
Adequate wiring means business
the problem: The thirty-year electric appliance boom is running into a snag—warns the National Adequate Wiring Bureau. Most houses and apartments were built with relatively small electrical requirements in mind. Already, 50% of the people in some areas who want air conditioners can't buy them because their wiring is inadequate, one expert estimates. The sale of freezers, ranges, water heaters and other appliances is being slowed.
Monroe Velvet Touch 800 Adding Machine
It’s New…It’s Fast…It’s Elegant Monroe Velvet Touch 800 Adding Machine The new colorful Monroe “800” gives your business the unmistakable forward look—provides the “touch of velvet” that makes anyone a figuring expert. Its beauty of design and advanced precision keyboard bring gracious decor and streamlined efficiency to the truly modern office. Under this distinctive case […]
FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who's ahead of his time
IBM is looking for a special kind of mathematician, and will pay especially well for his abilities. This man is a pioneer, an educator—with a major or graduate degree in Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering with Applied Mathematics equivalent.
Lithium: The Miracle Element
CATALYSTOF INDUSTRY LITHIUM The Miracle Element cat’a-lyst: chem., the causing or accelerating of a chemical change by the addition of a … (catalytic agent) . . . From air conditioning to welding fluxes, Lithium chemicals are the catalysts of industry. Multi-purpose greases, porcelain enamels, organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electric storage batteries, heat treating, glazes, electronic ceramics, […]
CORPORAL E STAR PERFORMER WITH PRECISION GUIDANCE Motorola’s precision engineering in the missile field has made a major contribution along with Jet Propulsion Laboratories in the development of Corporal navigational devices • radar • countermeasures • analog computers communications equipment • digital computers • data transmission • data processing and presentation indicators • plotting systems […]