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Feb, 1956
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Apr, 1956
The complaisant expression on the face of the apprentice engineer stems from the knowledge that there will be no disappointments for any gallery which his antics may attract. Why? Because his equipment includes only such reliable items as the Sigma Series 11 Relay.
Build Your Future in a Prime Weapons System Project...
. The SM-64 Navaho Intercontinental Guided Missile North American Aviation has prime weapons system responsibility for the SM-64 NAVAHO. This missile program is one of our country's largest, most important armament projects ... a vital part of future defense planning . . . offering you long-term security, plus the opportunity to enrich your experience and capabilities in many advanced scientific and technical fields.
Complete Angler 1958?
Complete Angler 1958? From catch to “quick-freeze” in minutes . . . that’s the trawler of tomorrow—a floating fishery to locate, attract, catch, process, package and freeze fish … manufacture by-products and conserve spawn. Imaginary? Sure! But it’s coming. And look for New Departure ball bearings, many self-sealed and lubricated-for-life, on the job. New Departures […]
Associates... and your growth as an engineer
Do your associates stimulate your thinking? Are your managers receptive to your original ideas? At IBM, an engineer can answer these basic questions with an unqualified "yes." In IBM's modern labs, engineers sense the professional excitement that stems from a continual interchange of original ideas. Their contributions—even on projects not specifically their own—receive sympathetic hearing from men whose management positions were attained by outstanding engineering achievement.
Want to pack your product into less space?
ELGIN can miniaturize your assemblies When conserving space is vital (as it is in timing and control devices, small actuators and other electro-mechanical devices), call on Elgin's broad experience and skills for help.
What makes an engineer HAPPY?
First of all, most of the things that make any one else happy—security, good pay, opportunity for advancement, but, MOTOROLA believes a good engineer requires more than that. He needs a chance to use his imagination as well as his slide rule—projects to work on that require vision as well as formulas. He needs men to work with who respect his abilities— and whose abilities he, in turn, can respect.
FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who's ahead of his time
IBM is looking for a special kind of mathematician, and will pay especially well for his abilities. This man is a pioneer, an educator—with a major or graduate degree in Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering with Applied Mathematics equivalent. You may be the man.
Ad: Computer Operation in Real-Time . . .
Operation in Real-Time . . . In the field of missile development, there’s only one commercially available digital computer capable of real-time performance — the famous Univac® Scientific. It’s the ideal system for flight simulation and for on-line data reduction. It solves complex problems from purely sensed data at speeds that are compatible with real-time […]
Why Universities Need This Nuclear Research Reactor Now!
A THOUSAND PRODUCTS A MILLION IDEAS BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION We have split the atom and made a bomb, but where we go from here depends largely on the strange structure in the photo and others like it. It is a nuclear research type reactor. Right now scientists have literally thousands of ideas for putting the atom to work in medicine, biology, chemistry, metallurgy. But they need this reactor to hatch the eggs—are handcuffed without it.