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Jan, 1921
Assorted Ads from Scientific American
I’m not going to even attempt a transcript of these. If anyone feels like doing it, let me know and I’ll post it.
The Light of Typewriting - Hartford Typewriters
I love that the type in the box below is crooked. According to this inflation calculator, $65 is about $1590 in 2009. So basically it’s an iMac. The Light of Typewriting – Hartford Typewriters The Acme of Perfection Hartford Typewriters made with either single or double keyboard. Price $65.00. Catalogue on application. HARTFORD TYPEWRITER CO., […]
Origin of Rhodes Scholarship, Defending Marconi, Rich Inventors
THE AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIPS AT OXFORD. Probably no will made public in years has attracted so much attention as that of the late Cecil Rhodes. It is characteristic of the man that its provisions should be on such a vast scale as to affect the interests of three continents. The feature of the will which is […]
The Waterless Knoxmobile
The Waterless Knoxmobile. A Business, Pleasure and Touring Car combined. FEATURES – Grooved pins and forced air system for cooling the engine. Folding front seat, facing forward for extra passengers Entire rear of body for carrying purposes Two hundred miles on one supply of gasolene. Very safe, due to its simple control, two foot brakes […]
Rest On Air
"Perfection" AIR MATTRESSES In Camp-----On The Yacht—Or At Home THE IDEAL BED OR COUCH
Folding Shower Baths
Folding Shower Baths WANTED: To negotiate with firms in the United States, England and Canada to make and sell this bath on royalty or similar terms. Most economical bath as regards cost, time, space and water. Inexpensive and practical. Sanitary and antiseptic. For hotel bed-rooms, apartment houses, residences, resorts, sanitariums, etc. Used anywhere. No plumbing. […]
REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS work with the highest speed and have the endurance to keep it up
COMPTOMETER MR. BOOKKEEPER, do you know what the Comptometer is? It costs you nothing to find out. It will help you out on that trial balance. It insures accuracy, is twice as rapid as the best accountant and relieves all nervous and mental strain. Write for Pamphlet FELT & TARRANT MFG CO. 52-56 Illinois St., […]
BY JOHN L. VON BLON. The queerest ship that ever sailed is a yacht on wheels, a graceful land-going clipper, that glides over the pathless stretches of sun-blistered plain, and carries her plucky navigators to and from their gold mine in the desert. Solitary gold hunters who have seen her white sails silhouetted against the bleak brown background in their aimless wanderings have brought to the outer world strange and ludicrous tales of a phantom ship that sped by them like a bird on the wing. The spectacle of a trim-built craft such as ordinarily belongs to the sea skimming over that barren expanse where not a drop of water ever falls might well alarm less superstitious persons.
Steam Carriage Ads
EXCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE. The 1902 Winton product is the finest creation upon the automobile market. A combination of all structural advantages. Thoroughly reliable under all conditions of service. Our Catalog may help some. THE WINTON MOTOR CARRIAGE CO., 486 Belden Street, Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A. Branches in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia.
Holley Motor Bicycle
For HILLY DISTRICTS You can save your breath and strength on uphill grades and go at a great rate of speed if you ride the well tested HOLLEY Motor Bicycle which carries an upright motor at the lowest and strongest part of the frame. Experts admit it to be the best machine on the market […]
BY EDWARD W. BYRN. Now that the Census Bureau has been made a permanent branch of the government, it attains the dignity and importance which its merits deserve. A popular impression prevailing among a large number of people is that the main part of the work of the Census is the taking of it, that is to say, the gathering of the data. That nothing could be more erroneous is evidenced by the fact that by legislative enactment a single month only was allowed for the taking of the Twelfth Census, while two years were given within which to tabulate the data. The data collected can have no meaning or value to the legislator and the student of sociology and political economy until classified into categories which form a basis for comparisons and conclusions.