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Mar, 1953
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May, 1953
Transistor - mighty mite of electronics
Increasingly you hear of a new electronic device — the transistor. Because of growing interest, RCA—a pioneer in transistor development for practical use in electronics—answers some basic questions: Q: What is a transistor?
Psychology and the Instrument Panel
Designing indicators, switches and other controls to fit the abilities of the men who will use them is a joint problem for psychologists and engineers by Alphonse Chapanis OUR MACHINES have become so complicated that we have been forced in recent years to start a new branch of technology: namely, re-tailoring the machines to the abilities and limitations of human beings. This activity, called human engineering, is a new departure in the application of psychological principles to industry. Up to now the main emphasis has been on selecting and training the best man for the job. Human engineering tries to fit the job to the man—any man.
LICORICE may create new assets for you
Some business—perhaps yours—may soon find an additional source of wealth through licorice. This could happen by improving on some product now in use or developing a brand new one. A prime example of product improvement from research is to be found in the tobacco industry. For many years now, licorice has been added to certain tobacco products to improve the taste, and also as a mellowing and conditioning agent. And a prime example of a new product as the reward for research is Foamite Firefoam— a foam of great staying power obtained from the "spent" root after completion of the initial extraction process.
Lycoming Ad: New "ticker" for tanks
First in a series of ads for the Lycoming corporation by Boris Artzybasheff. New “ticker” for tanks For a dependable tank “heart” — 500 horsepower’s worth of rugged air-cooled engine—U. S. Army Ordnance looks to Lycoming’s precision production. Rumbling over rugged terrain . . . crushing enemy obstacles . . . surviving heavy fire—our “G.I.” […]
The RELIABLE Electronic Memory ERA MAGNETIC DRUM STORAGE SYSTEMS AUTOMATIC PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS For DIGITAL COMPUTERS or other HIGH-SPEED DATA HANDLING REQUIREMENTS Investigate these ERA Magnetic Drum Storage advantages • Proven dependability • Large storage capacity • Alterable yet non-volatile storage • High speed Write Today for this descriptive brochure Engineering Research Associates Division of […]