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Dec, 1953
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May, 1954
It's "twins" for Piper ... by Lycoming
It’s “twins” for Piper … by Lycoming This is the Piper Apache… the all-new executive plane that brings new economy to the twin-engine field while maintaining high standards of safety and dependability. It is powered by two proven Lycoming 150-h.p. air-cooled engines designed especially for the Apache. These power plants provide an improved horsepower-weight ratio, […]
In color television, the colors on the screen are determined in a special way. A reference signal is sent and then the color signals are matched against it. For example, when the second signal is out of step by 50-billionths of a second, the color is green; 130-billionths means blue.
Just hearing a pin drop is easy...
I think these guys should sue Sprint for stealing their catch-phrase. Just hearing a pin drop is easy… Bruel & Kjaer instruments analyze sound and put it in writing for you Since Bruel & Kjaer instruments present essential data so easily, they greatly simplify the analysis and control of sound, vibration, and noise. For example, […]
Dissatisfaction- AMERICA’S GREATEST ASSET Opportunities to create better products exist in every home and industry in America today. But only a few, dissatisfied men and women recognize these opportunities. Such leaders are advancing their respective industries. They possess vision. They are spurred by initiative. Feather dusters have no place in their planning. Since 1938, Meletron […]